News / October 31, 2019



Jaden McNeil announced his resignation as President of TPUSA’s Kansas State University chapter this morning. McNeil, who founded and built up the now successful chapter in September of 2018, tore into the organization for their alleged free speech hypocrisy and shortcomings on cultural issues, christian values, and immigration. He described Turning Point’s stance on free speech as a “Culture of censorship, wherein certain subjects are deemed off limits, and those who dare to breach them are quickly blacklisted”, referencing the firing of Ashley StClair for appearing in a photo with Conservative show host Nicholas J. Fuentes.

McNeil had been in an ongoing dispute with the “Conservative” organization, and was reportedly threatened of being fired if he refused to delete a thread of tweets criticizing Turning Point’s alleged free speech hypocrisy. For example, in addition to the St.Clair situation, Charlie Kirk recently barred Nick Fuentes from entering a debate between Kirk and Kyle Kulinski. In spite of all the controversy which followed, Kirk has not made any comment except for claiming he was not responsible for the ban, rather it was the organizers and security team of Politicon.

McNeil’s resignation was met with wide praise from right-wing personalities and groypers, with Conservative commentator Michelle Malkin applauding the decision, saying in a tweet that his statement was “Well said and brave”. The comments by Malkin come on the heels of her calling TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk “Cringe” for his stance on EB5 Visas and mass legal immigration, both of which Malkin regularly lambasts as detrimental to American Workers. Jesse Lee Peterson, Scott Greer, Nick Fuentes, Patrick Casey, Stephanie Hazen, Faith Goldy, Ann Coulter and many others all spoke out in support of McNeil or against Kirk, in many cases doing both.

To make matters worse for TPUSA, KSU chapter Vice President Nick Ferrara and Chapter Secretary Simon Kleinmann also announced their resignations within hours of McNeil stepping down. Ferrara made his thoughts on TPUSA very clear, stating in a tweet “Additionally, I will no longer recommend this organization to others. In my opinion, they do not uphold the principles they claim to support.”

Today’s developments are part of the ongoing “groyper war” against Turning Point by America First nationalists who believe the organization has done little to nothing in the fight for conservative social values, doesn’t protect free speech adequately, and has not taken a hard stance on immigration like President Trump campaigned on. They also accuse TPUSA of regularly putting Israel before America as a result of big money donors and special interests, many of them evangelical or jewish (like Billionaire donor Foster Friess).

In addition to recent defections from the organization, Nick Fuentes is reporting that Turning Point USA conducted a sweeping purge of individuals who either publicly voiced criticism of the organization or showed support for groypers. Furthermore, on his show “America First”, Fuentes stated that TPUSA leadership has now implemented a “no-hire, no-contact” blacklist of people sympathetic to the “groyper army”, which was then sent to all high-level members and affiliates. Turning Point leadership has also brought in a team of political consultants to advise them on how to handle this crisis, but no decision besides the blacklist has been made thus far.

The battle between America First nationalists and TPUSA is most notably being fought at Q&A sessions during Charlie Kirk’s “Culture War” events, in which groyper questioners grill Kirk on his policy positions and cultural values. The tour, which most recently was at OSU, has snowballed into a complete optics disaster for Kirk & Company. With promises to ask the same kind of hard hitting questions at upcoming YAF tour events featuring Shapiro, Walsh and others, we can expect the festivities to continue throughout the month of November.