News / November 4, 2019



Week 3 of the Groyper Wars began this morning with Dan Crenshaw’s “Prove me wrong” presentation at Texas A&M. The event, similar to Steven Crowder’s “Change my mind”, was meant to advertise rhetoric liken to TPUSA’s brand of conservatism™ to college students and aggravated leftists. It comes on the heels of Crowder’s halloween event in which only 4 questions were answered in the entire duration of the Q&A.

At least 12 groypers were reportedly set to ask questions, however they were moved to the back of the line after organizers decided to put leftists and TPUSA affiliates in the front. On the ground reports suggest that this was done via profiling and setting up the line in a “One male, one female” formation. The development represents an anticipated response by TPUSA, whose leadership allegedly brought in a crisis-management team to help the organization deal with future Q&A’s.

Despite efforts to restrict the amount of questions being asked from the right, at least 3 groypers were able to voice their concerns to the sitting congressmen. 2 asked about Israel, 1 asked about the GOP’s stance on demographic change, and the other asked about how Crenshaw could support Ben Shapiro. “America First” conservative Nick Fuentes was also name dropped by the congressmen, who said in response to a question on Israel’s special treatment: “You sound like a Nick Fuentes supporter. Did you know he’s a holocaust denier?” Crenshaw then proceeded to praise Israel. Moreover, in response to the question on demographics, he deflected on any talk of voting trends as well as overall demographic change and left it off with “I know where you’re going with this.”

Another eyebrow raising moment came when a based questioner grilled Crenshaw on how he could be a devout Christian while praising Conservative Inc. Pundit Ben Shapiro, who previously stated that Jesus was merely a jewish rebel, his comments could also be interpreted as condoning his death. Crenshaw responded with “don’t come up here peddling this nonsense about Ben Shapiro” and did not provide any further substance to his answer.

Perhaps most notable was the decision not to livestream the presentation or any of the Q&A, usually a staple of TPUSA events and often featured in their content. Furthermore, at the time of this article being published it has been reported that the second Crenshaw event is not being live-streamed either. More to come on the second event soon!

(The livestream of the first event can be found here: