News / November 5, 2019


Rep Crenshaw goes LEFTIST MODE and Throws Free Speech Rights in the Trash!

Rep Crenshaw and his co host Jonah Goldberg held an event at the Rudder Auditorium at Texas A&M. During the event, Rep Crenshaw opened the floor to questions, and a young King stepped up and offered up a high quality question relative to Free Speech in America.

“Mr. Crenshaw, first of all i want to thank you for your distinguished service to this country.” Applause quickly filled the room in respect to the former military man turned congressman.

“Congressman just this year after a 2017 derision of this law was blocked by a federal judge, Texas passed a law that still requires certain contractors to sign a pledge that they will not boycott Israel. The state of Florida has also passed a law outlawing the mere criticism of Israel. Representative Crenshaw on May 9th of this year, similar legislation was even attempted at the federal level, when the house appropriations committee sought to amend a routine government funding bill to allow federal agencies to compel contractors to promise not to boycott Israel as a requirement of maintaining their relationship with the US government. Congressman in spite of our unique and historic alliance, these laws are an obvious, flagrant and troubling violations of our first amendment & free speech. given that when you entered office you swore to protect and defend the constitution of the United States, my question is this: Will you honor your oath, and denounce these laws here, now and forever, or do you agree with Governor Desantis & Governor Abbott, that the first amendment should only apply to Americans who support Israel?”

“you’re advocating for the first amendment… or at least you’re cloaking yourself in it—“ 

The questioner began to interject by insisting Crenshaw to not presume his intentions and to just answer the question as Crenshaw continued

“…cloaking yourself in it to hide your anti semitism… Here’s the problem with the BDS movement: when you create a movement—“ 

The questioner interjected again, realizing that Rep. Crenshaw decided to conflate upholding free speech in America with the BDS movement in order to side skirt answering the question directly.

“I’m not advocating for BDS—“

“… that aims to boycott, divest and sanction the one jewish state because they are the one jewish state, there is a deep problem with that. that is anti semitism manifest.”

The questioner responded quickly with “it is your right as an American (to boycott whatever you want” before being drowned out by Ziocons, not realizing they are cheering for their own free speech rights to be violated for non Americans.

…And this is the state of our representative government. Even after beautifully laying out the case that Congressman Crenshaw is openly advocating against our First Amendment right as Americans, he insists that anyone who would even question it is simply an anti semite. What is there left to do when even the mere questioning of our free speech restrictions in the interest of appeasing a foreign nation makes you an anti semite?