News / November 6, 2019


Frontline Report: Zioclops LOSES CONTROL at University of Texas

Congressman Dan Crenshaw was at the center of the most hectic scenes of the Groyper War thus far, as the room erupted after questions regarding the USS Liberty. After a boring and gay speech about how America is exceptional because of free market economics or whatever, the stage was set and the Q&A began. Right in front was a young king whose question about the USS Liberty Incident would send the room into the first uproar of the evening. This is captured in a video posted to twitter, which I’ll transcribe:

“…According to the survivors, as well as the secretary of state at the time, in 1967 Israel deliberately bombed the USS Liberty killing 34 Americans” 

“Right, well I am aware of that. Um, there was a lot of investigation post the USS Liberty Incident, uh, and I have no reason to believe that the investigations were biased in any way, and they found that the Israelis made a mistake. And that’s a horrible mistake, and we shouldn’t shy away from that fact, but I don’t think that it was deliberate and the investigations after don’t deliberate that it was deliberate.”

His answer hung in the air for a long moment, before someone in the crowd asked loudly “Was the spying deliberate, that they just did a month ago at the White House?”

The mic holder quickly asserted “We will only be answering the questions from the microphone.” 

“Yeah I haven’t looked into that.” 

Quickly afterward, dozens of groypers in the audience break into raucous cheering and applause after a heckler from the gallery lobs a question regarding the copious of foreign aid Israel receives from the US each year. Crenshaw begins to pace the stage and chuckles self assuredly; After the previous days events at Texas A&M he expected something like this to happen. 

“So for everybody else in the audience that isn’t a part of this small group, you need to understand what’s happening right now. What you’re seeing is a tiny fringe on the Right that we do not associate ourselves with–”

“Here comes that N word that you were talking about in your video!”

(the montage projected before the event included a clip of Crenshaw saying ‘Once you’re calling people Nazis, you’ve lost the argument’)

“What was the N word, Nick Fuentes? He’s like your leader? Is that the N word, Nick Fuentes? That’s their leader. That’s these guys’ leader. Nick Fuentes is a holocaust denier. That is not something we associate with in the conservative movement.”

“Slander!” belted yet another groyper from the crowd.

“He’s not a holocaust denier, that’s not true.” added another.

This is where the video posted to Twitter ends, and not long after order was somewhat restored as they attempted to keep the Q&A moving. However, during the answering of the next question, which was so boring it’s not even worth remembering, the lone cringeposter of the night revealed himself. The guy who had yelled the “Here comes that N word!” bit from before began to hurl questions and insults at Crenshaw which, after a point, crossed a threshold. Whereas before the mood before was “widespread uprising” it was now more like “lone weirdo”.

“When are you gonna kiss the Wailing Wall Dan!” may be a based reply to make on Twitter, but in the context of the event and the way this guy wouldn’t let up, the situation quickly descended into cringe mode and borderline wignattery. He made about eight such outbursts before leaving by his own accord, at which point Crenshaw declared him “triggered” which brought laughter from the normies in the audience. If the fact that the guy wasn’t ejected after 8 separate outbursts strikes you as odd, you’re not alone. A couple other things: Number one: bruh was at least thirty years old. Number two, of the groypers surveyed after the event not one single person knew who this boomer was. Now, is it plausible that an event like this in such a large city could have attracted a lone retard with bad optics to come disrupt? Sure. Do we know that the forces we’re up against are willing and capable of sending in plants to derail things? Absolutely. 

Tensions would not reach such a fever point until later on in the evening, when a young king’s question about the Fairness for High Skilled Immigrants Act and America’s demographic shift. Crenshaw’s ensuing dismissal sent the room into revolt once again. Groypers from all over the auditorium raised their voices in protest, bringing the room into total chaos. Eventually some organizer took to the podium and informed the crowd that if decorum was not restored, people would be ejected or the event stopped early. Calm returned, and after a few more boring softball questions, the night came to a close. 

So what were the main takeaways? First, the night demonstrated the power wielded by a substantial showing of groyper forces. When things got heated and the groypers rejected Crenshaw’s answers, it really felt like the event could have been totally derailed. Secondly, it demonstrated the chilling effect that bad optics can have. The lone retard’s bad optics sucked the energy out of the groyper forces, and worse, put the rest of the audience on the side of Crenshaw. Finally, the events of Tuesday night are an undeniable sign that if this movement continues to grow, and more people show up to events like this– there’s no telling what effect we could have.

[Side Note: After the second major uproar of the night, I spotted a woman in glasses passing out business cards emblazoned with The New York Times to a few groypers who were booing. Worth mentioning at least.]