Politics / November 14, 2019

The Groypers Guide to 2020

We’re all feeling that energy. 2016 is rising again and it looks like this will be the year of the Groyper. While we are united around pushing America First to the forefront of the political arena and making sure President Trump keeps his campaign promises, one of the best ways to ensure this is to keep the pressure up, down the ballot. I know it is a little bit early to be going deep into local races but primaries are but a few short months away. GOPe shills like Mick Mulvaney and Ronna McDaniel will be pressuring Trump to throw his endorsement behind the swampiest candidate in a race. If we can keep up the pressure and build momentum for America First candidates who didn’t sell out to the first Seasonal Workers or Ag lobby that tosses a few quarters their way. So without further ado let’s dive into the Senate and House races for 2020 so we can secure the Republican primary and actually have a few reasonable individuals in our legislative branch.

 Starting in the Senate we have Kris Kobach as the most prominent Republican to run for retiring Kansas Senator Pat Roberts seat. This is our crown jewel. While the National Republican Senate Committee has already disavowed Kobach, Trump has yet to comment on the race and Kobach is still considered a frontrunner. Republican hacks have “warned” that nominating Kobach runs the risk of handing the seat to Democrats. This is a lie. As Ryan Girdusky aptly pointed out, Kansans may be flaky in some of their statewide races (Kobach lost to a Democrat in 2018 for the Governorship) but they almost always come out and vote Republican when it comes to Federal races. Now Kobach may not be the best campaigner but he is an expert on immigration law and would be a valuable immigration patriot to have in the Upper House. The GOP are running a slew of candidates to take down Kobach. My guess is they hope to nominate Susan Wagle, the President of the Kansas State Senate. We can’t let the mono-party succeed in tanking one of the strongest immigration patriots in favor of some milquetoast, GDP shill with an emotion-based ethic. Let’s prove the establishment wrong and get Kobach in!

The other big Senate race we have to look at is, of course, Alabama. If you’re like me and watched Nick’s livestream when Roy Moore lost to Doug Jones this race might stress you out a bit as well, especially with the recent news of Trump possibly campaigning against Jeff Sessions. While Roy Moore, who I still stand by as based and a victim of a smear who was nonetheless a terrible campaigner, is also in the race, I think anyone who seriously wants to take back this seat should be throwing their hat in for Sessions. Sessions was the first Senator to support Donald Trump in his campaign. Sessions, during his tenure as Attorney General actually enforced immigration law and was on the front lines of the political battleground on the important issues. 

The GOP will undoubtedly leverage Roy Moore to siphon conservative votes away from Sessions as well as pressure Trump to endorse Bradley Byrne who is someone the GOPe feels they can manipulate. It appears right now that former Football Coach Tommy Tuberville still leads polls but Sessions is already making gains. He also seems to be putting his political receipts to use, securing endorsements from over 11 sitting US Senators as well as Laura Ingraham and Immigration Patriot Mark Krikorian. This one is going to be a hard fought battle but I believe Sessions has the best shot right now. Let’s all pray Trump makes the right choice. To stab Sessions in the back again would not only be foolish, but deeply immoral and disloyal. This race will show us where Trump stands on his original, fervent supporters.

Now for a few other Senate races. John James is running to unseat Democrat Gary Peters in Michigan and while James is no Groyper candidate he supports a wall and is definitely the only Republican in the state with the infrastructure or momentum to flip the seat. He came very close to unseating Debbie Stabenow in 2018 and she was more popular than Peters. No one at the Daily Groyper is falling for the based black guy meme but to have someone who supports Trump more than your average GOPe operative will be beneficial in Michigan. 

On quicker notes I would keep eyes on Chris McDaniel in Mississippi who will hopefully try to primary Cindy Hyde Smith, Watch Matt Innis in Nebraska to unseat IMMIGRATION CUCK Ben Sasse, and keep tabs on the Wyoming race as Mike Enzi retires. If we can avoid a Liz Cheney (daughter of the war criminal Dick Cheney) election that would be desirable. Also watch swing Democrat states like New Hampshire, Trump lost by less than 3000 votes there in 2016 and a Republican in NH would demoralize the Dems.

Now on to the House of Representatives. We have three candidates right now working hard on the trail to unseat weak Republicans and hopefully more will emerge as 2019 ends. Of course to start off I would be remiss to not talk about our old friend Joseph Saladino. Joey Salads is running in New York’s 11th congressional district which encompasses all of Staten Island and some of South Brooklyn. Saladino’s race is one of the more interesting this cycle as the seat is lean R but was flipped blue in 2018 due to low turnout for the Republican. 2020 will be different. Staten Island loves Trump (based Italians at it again) and with the Don at the top of the ballot this seat is very likely going red again. The real struggle will be getting the Salad man the nomination over boring, single wine Aunt and member of the NY state legislature Nicole Malliotakis. Malliotakis is a GOPe swamp creature who lost embarrassingly to Bill de Blasio for mayor of NYC in 2017. She is a Rubio shill who still wishes lil’ Marco had won the presidency. Saladino has always stood against mass illegal and legal immigration and will not waver on other true conservative issues. His social media reach is massive and he has shown solidarity with the Groypers. If we can get Salads into the House, we really are making waves. 

Another fantastic candidate is Peter D’Abrosca. D’Abrosca is trying to primary boring loser David Rouzer who seems content to remain silent on most important issues facing Americans and North Carolinians today. Ann Coulter recently endorsed Mr. D’Abrosca and his platform is possibly the model we should be looking for in congressional candidates. While his background is entirely in journalism he understands demographics and how important preserving the historic American Nation really is. His district is 75% white and quite conservative so while he may be an outside shot, D’Abrosca is in it to win. He’s garnered the support of the Groyper’s, let’s see him through.

We also have Joshua Foxworth running in Texas’ 14th district against Republican Randy Weber. Foxworth is another immigration patriot running in a conservative district. Weber has left his constituents with much to be desired so hopefully we can propel Foxworth to the nomination. Patriot Vincent James did a great interview with Foxworth and Steve Linnie, a candidate for Florida’s state house, that I highly recommend you all watch.

Now there are surely other candidates I have forgotten as well as those hoping to unseat Democrats. We should all be supporting Paul GosarSteve KingChip RoyMark MeadowsJim Jordan and the other actual conservatives currently in the House. King and Roy have tough general elections coming up and need all our support. We need the house back in 2020 to secure the future of our country and Groyper families everywhere.