Go off / November 25, 2019

BREAKING: Pathetic Egirl Dumped by Black Fiance for Transvestites

Resident coalburner and racist Twitter orbiter Kulpie (@Kulpie on Twitter, although it appears that she might have deactivated) has just broken up with her Nigerian fiancé. This breakup comes off the heels of Kulpie discovering that her Nigerian prince, who she previously described as a devout Catholic, was cheating on her with presumably black transvestites. Our side of Twitter obtained the news from leaked chat messages seen here:

Kulpie has many times gloated about her fiancé’s supposed sexual morality and embrace of traditional gender roles as evidenced by the Tweets below:

It appears that Tyrone would rather have sex with another man that deal with Kulpie’s busted up coochie. Some Egirls are apparently so disgusting they turn men gay.

He might not have been joking

We here at The Daily Groyper take great pleasure in the grand irony of the situation, given that many times Kulpie was warned on Twitter that the relationship between her and Kunta Kinte would not work out, only for her to “clap back” calling whoever criticized her relationship a “racist” or an “incel”.

She may want to reconsider it as well

It appears that this Egirl defies all logic and reason, insisting that she will embark on another doomed relationship with another “brotha” out of spite for internet racists. 

Maybe she won’t get cheated on this time

We tried reaching out to Kulpie’s ex-fiance on twitter after friend of the Daily Groyper, @HeteroBro, did some digging and discovered his account. Unfortunately it appears he has chosen to deactivate as well:

We just want to talk

Reactions to the news were swift and pretty hilarious, with many chiming in to celebrate or point out the obvious irony.

Let Kulpie’s example serve as a lesson for the eternal truth of interracial relationships: “Burn the coal, pay the toll.”