News / December 11, 2019



Disclaimer: This is not meant to blackpill everyone or trash the questioners at the event     

Since the beginning of the Groyper Wars, night after night delivered new victories and renewed vigor. High on the fumes of conquest, it has been easy to forget how fragile this all is– Until tonight. A packed NC State auditorium was the site of perhaps the first true setback in the struggle so far. As has been stated before it all comes down to the questions and the questioners, and both were sorely lacking in North Carolina. 

The night started to go south, ironically, after one of the few quality questioners of the night made it to the microphone. He presented a well constructed, optical question concerning Kirk’s use of left wing smear tactics in his attacks against the America First conservatives. Charlie leaped into action– this was his moment to launch OPERATION YEV-ROPA, the new Conservative Inc counter attack. Kirk, ignoring the question entirely, began to expound on the neo-nazi, white supremacist organization known as Identity Ev-Ropa, led by a villainous irish character known as Patrick Kay-C. This veritable legion of doom, Kirk explained, was plotting a total takeover of the US government. He then started on interrogating the innocent questioner “DO YOU DENOUCE IDENTITY YEV-ROPA? DO YOU DENOUNCE IDENTITY YEV-ROPA? WHY WILL YOU NOT DENOUNCE IDENTITY YEV-ROPA” Not getting what he wanted, he addressed the crowd, “WHO HERE SUPPORTS IDENTITY YEV-ROPA?” Before long, somebody took the bait and came to the front. It was at this point things took a turn for the cringe.

The guy who took the microphone next was woefully unprepared for this line of questioning, and walked straight into Charlie’s trap. Essentially, he answered Kirk’s questions at face value.

“Let me ask you this, are you worried that America is becoming less white?”



“Because I don’t want to be a minority in my own country.”

“Ok. To be an American, is it an idea, a shared history, or is it a skin color?”

“Well, I mean, you could go back to the founding fathers, the original immigration acts–”

“What does it mean to be an American? Is it a skin color or something else?”

“So there’s the current idea based off the Hart-Cellar act, and all this bullshit you guys spew, but uh if you go back to the original founding fathers…”

Whether he was a confused or misguided, he became exactly what Kirk wanted him to be, rather than refusing the obvious framing. At this point the crowd was soundly on the side of Kirk, with a USA chant breaking out in support and a few lone voices crying out against the Yev-Ropan apologist. Unfortunately, things did not improve after this episode. While some started off better than others, what was most on display tonight was a woeful lack of preparedness on the behalf of the questioners. The next up, who asked about the white unemployment rate, quickly found himself caught off guard when Kirk flipped the tables and made it about whether or not white people inherently vote republican. After that came an excited but unfocused question about gay marriage and the promotion of degeneracy, which gave Kirk another opportunity to reframe, attack, and bring the room to his side. 

You get the idea. While a few good ones made it through and deserve recognition, it’s hard to call the night as anything other than a loss. However, it’s important to remember that we are still winning the war— what happened at NC State this evening does not negate the fantastic work done so far by patriotic groypers nationwide. The only real failure would be a failure to learn from tonight’s mistakes. We have the people, the energy, and the truth to take this all the way. It’s been relatively easy so far, and easy victories can have an intoxicating effect. We must never forget that Charlie Kirk and his ilk are in the fight of their lives and will use whatever tools necessary to eliminate threats to their monopoly on the conservative movement.