News / December 14, 2019


Emails sent to ASU students stating neo-Nazis could infiltrate events

In the increasing climate of control of speech and dissent, Arizona State University, in possible collaboration with TPUSA and other outfits, allegedly informed students of potential neo-Nazis being in attendance at a future Turning Point USA event. Emails provided to the Daily Groyper show the lack of perspective propagated by these college administrators. Instead of addressing concerns from disenfranchised  youths, the email appears to enforce silence among dissenting opinions causing further turmoil in the political environment.

Looking at the cause of this disenfranchisement, we see a mainstream right wing movement uninterested with protecting their base from smears and lies. Furthering this premise, the smears continue from those within the mainstream right. The campus conservative, earnest in their Christian faith, are supported by only their peers.

Here are the emails allegedly sent to students at Arizona State University: