Thought Pieces / December 14, 2019

Knowing the Enemy – What Underlies Leftists & their Gatekeepers

Understanding our enemy is of keen importance and viewing politics beyond the dichotomy of the two party system allows us to realize a lot of overlapping trends we find across all of our political adversaries. If you are past the point of believing the only thing that separates you and those who do not agree with you about politics is just not hearing the right talking points, then a critical analysis of the enemy could be useful in routing them out. In our polite society, not many people would stick their neck out to critique and label other people, but a man – who bucked conventionalism and was past the point of playing nice with others – has given us a nice jumping off point for this discussion. Someone who truly stood athwart history yelling “STOP!” His TruCon credentials are unrivaled as he stands as one of the few who literally revolted against the modern world. Someone who understood and challenged the malaise brought on by modernity which brings with it indignities, psychological suffering, and the decay of society along with the natural world.

I am of course talking about Theodore John Kaczynski, otherwise known as the Unabomber.

The phones at the Optics department here at the Daily Groyper are now ringing off the hook, but let me tell you this publication DISAVOWS any explosive expressions of political dissidence. True Groyper intellectuals can see the forest for the trees and learn a lot from Industrial Society And Its Future without rebelling against God’s natural law. Its contents are far different from what many would suspect; rather than just an eccentric ode to treehugging Kaczynski nails down many of the trends that underpin the pitfalls of modern society and life as we know it. He goes into detail on many metapolitical quandaries making assertions that are grounded in reality and surprisingly poignant. I invite all of you to see for yourself to get the full context, its only a google search away and if you can’t read there’s even an audiobook version on YouTube. Seemingly in an attempt to distance himself from cringe, hippie environmentalists as you know them today, he starts out his essay speaking of the psychology of modern leftism. He paints leftism as a psychological type of person rather than an actual concrete political philosophy, which is particularly true today. Neolibs, progressives and true socialists and commies are all under this one coalition of the ascendant, and while those ideologies seemingly conflict with one another generally there’s psychological tendencies that tend to connect them together. Ted claims these two are feelings of inferiority and oversocialization, and we tend to intrinsically understand these pathologies and stick them into Chad vs. Virgin memes.

You might be over socialized if you are afraid of the word “faggot” zooming by in a livestream chat.

The tendency for feelings of inferiority is beyond debating at this point with Leftist “men” now encouraging cuckoldry. You don’t have to bring out citations to make Ted’s point when leftists will outright posture as weak and feeble, literally allowing themselves to be treated like the odd-chimp out in a pack harem. Ted observes how leftists will aggressively defend minority groups, policing language to not incite feelings of inferiority they harbor in themselves. Girls like fat girls’ pictures on Instagram and white people fight for racial justice because they identify with their problems; they understand that these groups are inferior. Instead, they rally to the cause because the truth of this would break them down into an existential crisis if they grappled with it. It’s easy to feel better about yourself when you have some tranny or low IQ imbecile to prop yourself up with. Since, culture and politics dominated with a mob rule the superiority of others can be overridden if enough low-lives rally together. Together they pick at the superior ways of the West in every aspect and way like vultures. Reason itself won’t matter as long as they can flood the polls, the culture or whatever else that could reinforce the truth of life – steeped in hierarchy and diametrically opposed to egalitarianism. Even if individual leftists vary between one another they wield the power of a political and cultural monolith if they band together as one against the old regime. In their pact, they have redefined reality. Now, we speak on their terms and accept their obfuscation of the truth; rapidly approaching the point where there will be no Logos outwardly expressed in juxtaposition to them. Then, presumably, the coalition will be past its usefulness and they will fight amongst themselves. While I’d hedge my bets on the more corporate left, no matter the end result it will be a tyranny of some ignoramus and their blood-sucking cronies. Unwilling to stand against them many who see themselves as conservative attack the few who won’t allow the leftist’s feelings of inferiority to blot out the very existence of moral truth. People like Charlie Kirk and anyone who gives up ground to the pathology of the left harbors these same feelings of inferiority as they knowingly accept that they will not and cannot uphold the standards of superior, true men and must play the useful idiot to the Left in hope of a throw away tax cut. Well, at least that would be the case if they fully understood what they were doing, but these people are so tied up in a knot due to their oversocialization that the fear of drawing the ire of the left that they harbor may pervert their ability to think clearly and understand that they are playing second fiddle to their supposed enemy.

Conservative Gatekeepers believe they are tough or brave but avoid walking down the wrong hallway, they are traumatized of being cancelled and thrown in the locker by the brute force of the Left.

People are socialized as they were trained as kids – to think and act as society demands. In modernity, this is seemingly cranked up to eleven with just how charged the political and cultural landscape is, imposing a tremendous amount of pressure to reach conformity. As the moral standards are rewritten, it is impossible to appease them all as they intersect and contradict one another. You misgender a transsexual and you will be torn apart but, reinforcing the gender ideology juxtaposes you with the vestiges of Christian hegemony and your instincts. So many normal behaviors will have you met with such vitriol. It inspires a great fear or even a self-hatred. The leftist is often inspired by these feelings of self-hatred but we observe the great fear in even those who believe they want a return to “normalcy.” Being shamed in modern society presents such a high cost. Shame and the fear of being shamed dominate behavior of most people in public. The ways the brain can play tricks on itself, if someone posses a great enough fear, can be wired to operate on a completely illogical basis. You observe these behavior loops in abuse victims. This is how we get hot takes like being personally opposed to gay marriage while being ok or even presenting as glad that it is now legal. For example, Kirk somehow espouses this belief while parading Rob Smith around who is a “married” homosexual. While there is a contradiction here, the person who peddles this shtick gets to believe they keep their principles and their pride, while avoiding the cost of having real convictions against modern orthodoxy. Many people who do not spend time thinking about their beliefs will stay in this limbo of thought because it is safe. With current events, we see the pundit class so afraid of being assaulted by the left that those who have courage and fight the good fight will be attacked by those who supposedly hold the same personal beliefs. At this point I have to not give them the benefit of the doubt and assume their ignorance, the way in which they kowtow to the left’s sacred cows and framing. I have to imagine they are true believers, but the masses may find they have less to lose or more of a backbone if their eyes were to open.

Read Ted Kaczynski’s Industrial Society & Its Future