Interview / December 14, 2019


Michelle Malkin was generous enough to respond to our questions here at the Daily Groyper. Michelle is an accomplished author, CPAC speaker, and activist. Her contributions to conservatism in the United States are heroic. With deep charity, we would like to thank Michelle for her answers and for everything she has done for our Nation.

Groyper (G): It’s been a huge problem in the political sphere to label people with what some would describe as controversial beliefs as “Alt right” or “neo nazis”. You yourself have been laughably described by some as a white supremacist. In your own words, how would you describe your political ideology?

Michelle (M): I am a law-and-order America First-er who espouses the prioritization and defense of family sovereignty and national sovereignty. I support an across-the-board immigration moratorium, immediate deportation of DREAMers and visa overstayers, full implementation of E-Verify and a biometric entry-exit system, de-funding of religious charities and churches that operate and promote illegal alien sanctuary spaces and policies, and revocation of non-profit status of partisan NGOs in violation of federal law forbidding the aiding, abetting, harboring, and sheltering of illegal aliens. For starters. I support the de-funding of public libraries that host Drag Queen Story Hours, a ban on pornography, repeal of vaccine mandates as a condition of public education, repeal of federal immunity shields for pharmaceutical companies, abolition of the U.S. Department of Education, a full ban on data-mining Silicon Valley companies and their harmfully addictive apps and software from public schools, and repeal of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act. For starters.

A s background on my ideological journey, I was raised by traditional Catholic immigrant parents and identified as socially conservative in high school, but was not involved or interested in partisan politics. In my teens, I devoured Thomas Sowell’s newspaper columns and Ayn Rand’s novels. Pat Buchanan was my favorite cable news commentator. On the far Left campus at Oberlin College, I rebelled against the prevailing orthodoxy by embracing free-market economics and rejecting multiculturalism. As a newspaper columnist and editorial writer in the early 1990s, I promoted bread-and-butter GOP issues, and my instincts were always grass-roots. I was heavily influenced by Phyllis Schlafly’s work and detested the D.C. establishment very early on. This led me to vote for Libertarian candidate Harry Browne in 1996 over the swamp Republican ticket of Bob Dole and Jack Kemp. In the 2000s, I used my early adopter status in the conservative blogosphere to hammer Big Government, open-borders shills in the Bush administration and to advocate for the early Tea Party movement revolt against both Beltway party establishments. After 9/11, I supported the invasions of Iraq and Afghanistan, but the intransigence of Islam and the gruesome death toll of young American lives opened my eyes.


G: What, in your estimation, are the 3 top issues our country is currently facing?


Death of free speech, assembly, and association.

Moral decay and mental health.


G: What was your impression when you first heard that America First patriots decided to take their grievances with the conservative establishment to these Culture War events?

M: One word: HOORAY!

The public confrontation of Con Inc. simulators of the “Culture War” was long overdue. The America First patriots who lined up to ask vital questions were polite, articulate, and principled. They exposed the weak and feckless “leaders” of the Right brilliantly. Yes, it got rowdy by the climax of the Groyper Wars at UCLA, Arizona State, and in Texas. But that was an understandable reaction to the cowardly attempted shutdowns of the Q&As and the ad hominem attacks particularly from Ben Shapiro, Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Dan Cringeshaw.


G: The “stapling green cards to diplomas” comments made by Charlie Kirk was met with fierce opposition by people who make up the America First movement and, as a result, he’s since changed his position on this. What does this say about both Charlie Kirk and the so called bigots he’s wrongfully smeared for asking these tough questions?

M: The young nationalists are smarter, more principled, and more patriotic than the America First poseuers parroting Big Business Open Borders Inc. talking points. Kirk is weak and clueless. Demographic voting patterns of massive numbers of foreigners flooding our borders are not “malleable,” but Chuckles the Con Inc. brand ambassador is!


G: Nick Fuentes has been in the spotlight recently as a result of these culture war events. What is your take on Nick, and do you support his efforts in putting America First?

M: I fully support Nick Fuentes’ strategy of unmasking the Con Inc charade on college campuses and fully support each and every one of the young nationalists who stepped up to the plate at the TPUSA and YAF events.

It is factually true that Nick is a leader of the dissident/New Right and that is how I accurately described him. This is being used against me as a blanket endorsement of everything he has ever said and done. Gatekeepers are demanding that I disavow every last joke, off-handed remark, or insult that Nick has ever uttered over the course of his 500-plus shows and every stupid or mean or allegedly racist, sexist, or anti-Semitic thing every last follower of his has ever said or done.

I’m not playing that game. Stupid. And cringe.


G: At CPAC 2019, you identified yourself as fully assimilated, while many today believe assimilation is not important. What makes assimilation so important for you to identify as such?

M: I am an American. The founders created a country in which foreigners were welcome only to the extent that they absorbed the nation’s laws, traditions, and culture – and only to the extent that their numbers did not pose a threat to the homeland. But for the last half-century, left-wing academics and activists have spurned assimilation as a common goal. Their fidelity lies with bilingualism (a euphemism for native language maintenance over English-first instruction), identity politics, ethnic militancy, extreme multiculturalism, and a borderless continent. Amnesty and mass migration over assimilation are a recipe for even greater GOP losses at the ballot box. Amnesty and mass migration over assimilation are a recipe for the furtherance of American decline.


G: There have been rumors circulating that ineffective groups like Turning Point USA are hemorrhaging donors over their pro immigration stance. Given that our movement is more “based” on these issues yet lack any meaningful institutional support at the moment, do you think there are opportunities for us to gain some of this support and, if so, how can we go about gaining said support?

M: This is an excellent question. I hope it’s true that some donors are abandoning Con Inc. But the reality is that TPUSA and YAF’s speakers are simply reflecting the open-borders agenda of their groups’ dominant top donors. We know that Ben Shapiro’s stand on demographics and mass migration has shifted and we know all why. Having been inside the Con Inc. world and backstage at CPAC, I can tell you that the pay-for-play corruption is overwhelming. Gaining financial support is therefore somewhat of a double-edged sword. It’s amazing to me how much the young nationalist movement has been able to accomplish without money – and without the compromises and co-optation that accompany it.


G: In a recent article, you called out the Koch brothersthe US Chamber of CommerceFacebookTPUSA among others for their blatant and unrelenting open borders activism. What do you think motivates them to do so and what do you believe their end game is?

MCheap labor, cheap votes, cheap virtue signaling points.


G: Some on the establishment right have criticized the “groypers” by saying that open attacks against people like Charlie Kirk is weakening the presidents chances at a 2020 win. Others have said that calling out their garbage takes and the President’s outright policy chances, like Ann Coulter regularly does, is just the kick in the ass that the Trump Administration needs to right this ship and enact the will of the people. Which would you suggest is the better way forward looking into 2020 and beyond?

M: The destruction of Con Inc. and exposure of open-borders masterminds are important to the nation, regardless of whether that helps or hurts President Trump. All we can do is support POTUS when he acts for America First and raise hell when his America Last infiltrators push their agenda. I stand for America First, not Trump First.


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