News / December 19, 2019

The Groyper Leadership Summit Has Finally Arrived

After much anticipation, demoralization efforts from shills and countless hours of preparation, The Groyper Leadership Summit has finally arrived! On the eve of this historic summit, let us reflect on the events that led us here today.

Earlier this year, Charlie Kirk’s organization TPUSA and a slew of Libertarians from Ben Shapiro to Dan Cringeshaw organized a string of speaking events around the country where they had planned to gain mass appeal among America’s young campus Conservatives. These events were intended to make the aforementioned organizations and individuals appear cool, hip and as though their particular brand of “low corporate tax libertarianism” was the trend of the future, that is until Nicholas J Fuentes and his legion of Groypers crashed the party.

Libertarians are a special kind of liberal and their audience tends to be Conservatives without a full understanding of what it means to be a Conservative. Most folks are attracted to high production value, bright lights and talks of “lowering taxes” and these folks will stare and clap for anyone claiming to be a conservative just so long as there are big names fronting the events. The average Conservative will support Ben Shapiro’s advocacy for higher numbers of immigration into the United States under the guise of raising the GDP. Most conservatives tend to support the LGBT community when big names like Charlie Kirk support the proliferation of their predatory agenda. The mirage of the libertarian masquerading as the Conservative is only disrupted when the Conservative publicly confronts the Libertarian head on. This is where Nicholas Fuentes and the Groyper army come into play.

A Libertarian like Charlie Kirk can answer silly questions from your average Democratic Socialist as their battleground tends to be economics. They end up talking past each other over the false dichotomy of Capitalism VS Socialism. Neither party will convince the other of anything and the argument becomes a song and dance the audience is all too familiar with. Dan Crenshaw will say: “Socialism is bad!” *audience roars and erupts in cheers and clapping* while the TRUE Conservative sits with his arms crossed wondering why we aren’t discussing the opioid epidemic, mass immigration and endless foreign spending on war and occupation of the Middle East.

Libertarians favor mass spending in the Middle East as their international financiers pull their strings. Libertarians favor mass immigration as their corporate sponsors foot their lavish lifestyles. Libertarians won’t talk of the opioid epidemic as major pharmaceutical companies just so happen to be some of their top donors. Libertarians will never question the LGBT agenda because, well, because Libertarians are GAY!

Conservatives want an end to immigration, both LEGAL and illegal immigration. Conservatives don’t want their children exposed to the ravenous LGBT lobby and their perverse agenda. Conservatives do not agree with endless war in the Middle East or never ending foreign aid to foreign first world countries with space programs. Conservatives don’t want their children dying of opioid overdoses! Conservatives want to conserve their culture MORE than they want to conserve the economy. What good is all of the money in the world if your brother is dead from pain killers, if your sister lost her job due to a legal immigrant offering to work for lower pay or if you can no longer send your children to public school out of fear they will come home missing their genitalia? These are the fears of your average Conservative and the libertarian does not address them.

It’s time to pay attention to Nicholas J Fuentes and his Groypers as they have a true Conservative platform that resonates with Conservative Americans.

You can watch the Groyper Leadership Summit LIVE here: