News / December 22, 2019

The Conservative Case For Using Your Kids As Shields

It’s no secret that venerable and brave figurehead of the Zionist Capitalist “right”, Ben Shapiro, never shys away from epicly pwning some blue haired proto-marxist in an academic (read controlled) environment.

Moreover, it is also no secret that Ben has been haranguing Nicholas J. Fuentes, without naming him, and many other America First Conservatives by smearing them with leftist labels designed to be career-killing silver bullets. Ben’s rhetorical obfuscation has recently seen the light of day once again, this time on a sunny street corner in West Palm Beach, Florida.

While Nick Fuentes was facing his detractors (something Shapiro would never do without a controlled environment) on a street corner, answering poorly pronounced words spoken at a sloth’s pace by homosexual “journalist” Andy Ngo, Ben Shapiro was sighted across the street. The crowd around Feuntes was electrified. They anxiously amped up Fuentes for the long awaited confrontation.

Shapiro was accompanied by his family, something that has sparked controversy by neocon talking heads on Twitter. Shapiro was seen pushing his son in a stroller, up until he saw Fuentes and the crowd on the other side of the street he was about to cross. Knowing the publicity that would arise from this situation, decided to take his son out of his stroller and started to carry him in order to use as a prop for the narrative Ben was already creating in his head.

Once the walk sign turned on, Fuentes et al and Shapiro started moving towards each other and what could be amounted to mere heckling by Fuentes began. Fuentes, fueled with what could be described as righteous anger, started to ask Shapiro why he would spend his 45-minute long speech at Stanford University smearing him but won’t even have the courage to stop and talk for a brief moment while his family continued onwards to their hotel. Shapiro instead decided to keep walking, he and his wife smirking, past the group of spectators while Fuentes continued to heckle at a distance with calmness.

The entire ordeal only lasted mere minutes.

This confrontation has been heralded by progressives, capitalists, and neocons as a step too far by Fuentes. Why? Shapiro has stated multiple times that he is for the full scale persecution of those who he and the Left consider “racist”, “white nationalist”. “anti-semite” or truly anyone slightly right of center. To remind everyone, Ben Shapiro considered Trump and Ron Paul as anti-semites and white nationalists prior to the 2016 election. His editor, Josh Hammer, said that “Jew hatred is inherent in the European DNA”. Furthermore, Shapiro is a public figure who embraces the spotlight all the time. This idea that a lighthearted hello was a brutal happening in his private life is nonsense.

Megyn Kelly, Meghan McCain, Andrew Klaven and numerous other Shapiro proxies came after Fuentes after the confrontation. Boomers in the replies were also keen on regurgitating the same tough guy act. “NOT in front of his family” and “He would be in big trouble if that was me”, it’s all so tiresome.

Here are some of the attacks and Nick’s response to them:

Ben Shapiro is someone who doesn’t give a shit about the future of your children, and even advocates for America’s youth to fight to defend Israel. Ben Shapiro is someone who has advocated for genocide against Palestinians. Ben Shapiro is someone who will use their own children as shields against detractors. Ben Shapiro is and always will be an enemy of those who are America First.