Culture / December 24, 2019

Ian Miles Cheong Is A Monster

Editor’s Note: This is a guest contribution from Ashley Rae Goldenberg. Any claims or positions made in this article (besides Ian Miles Cheong being gay and ugly, we definitely believe thats true) are the opinions of Ashley.

Within the past few months, Ian Miles Cheong has ingratiated himself into mainstream conservative circles. Currently as the managing editor of the rebooted Human Events website, Ian’s tweets are now getting the attention of American politicians, such as former ambassador and governor Nikki Haley. At the same time in his new role, Ian has taken it upon himself to be a gatekeeper to the conservative movement: publicly ostracizing, insulting, and blatantly lying about anyone who he views to be as “bad” for the conservative movement — engaging in the very same cancel culture and call-out culture most conservatives, including Ian, have vocally opposed.

This does not even scratch the surface of Ian’s hypocritical and contradictory behavior.

If you’re anything like me, your first exposure to Ian was during GamerGate. However, it was not because of his support for Zoe Quinn’s Depression Quest or his time as a “Turbo feminist.” Rather, Ian was once a voice of reason, pushing back against social justice corrupting video games and video game journalism.

Every single view Ian has ever held, he’s also held the exact opposite view.

Ian’s recent stint as the Conservative Inc morality police, on behalf of Real Conservatives, is no different.

Ian has the same verbal tick as many on the left, accusing those on the right of being secret Nazis and white nationalists. He’ll do this publicly, even though he said in an interview how much he abhors cancel culture. Ian said in 2015, while the editor-in-chief of Gameranx, “Outrage culture is incredibly unhealthy and unproductive. It’s generally better to ‘call in’ before you ‘call out’, especially if you care about having a discussion with someone with whom you disagree. Calling someone out publicly doesn’t do much to create discourse because its goal, generally speaking, is to silence dissent — at least from a social justice standpoint.”

Here are just a few of the times Ian has accused me, personally, of being both sympathetic to Nazism and a white nationalist, using the same guilt-by-association and SPLC tactics that the right generally despises:

In a conveniently now-deleted Sunday Subscribers podcast for Human Events, Ian got absolutely destroyed for trying to accuse me of being a Nazi sympathizer by another host on the show.

Anyone who upsets Ian is met with an attempt to shame as a white nationalist, a Nazi, or an incel (I, too, have even been accused of being an incel by Ian): (Editor’s note: women can never be incels)

Amazingly, Ian used to run a part of Milo’s website called “Incel Corner”:

While accusing me of being a white nationalist sympathizer because of someone I knew a decade ago, Ian has his own far more recent history that includes outright saying he admires Hitler. (Editor’s note: Based?) No, that is not an exaggeration.

There are even handy-dandy graphics of Ian’s quotes circulating around the internet:

Aryan Super Soldier Ian Ching Chong

… And there are some more screenshots out there too of Ian’s comments about Jews: (Editor’s note: See, we love the Jewish people!)

Although many of them appear to be jokes, Ian does not extend people the same “oh they were just joking” courtesy that he believes should be afforded to him.

In 2014, Ian blamed his comments about Hitler and Jews on being part of the “very toxic gaming community”:

Gamers (not you Ian, you sit down) Rise Up

In an interview Ian gave in 2015, he also said, “I wrote some very stupid, very thoughtless, very offensive things when I was younger and participating on the RPG Codex forum. When confronted, I blamed ‘toxic gamer culture’ on my behavior instead of owning up to it as I should have. No one made me make those posts or say those things, though I definitely never espoused the views I expressed in those posts. I’m sorry for hurting anyone with the comments I made.”

However, in 2018, years after Ian blamed this video game culture for his comments, and just mere months before Ian would become the conservative morality police, Ian called black people “cheeky monkeys”:

The Ugliest Fish in the Pond weighs in on the Coolest Monkey in the Jungle

Also in 2018 — again, years after Ian’s apology and just months before Ian would gatekeep for Real Conservatives — Ian appeared on a show with Eric Striker to discuss “The Anti-White Media.” In his appearance, Ian shared his support for imprisoning journalists for life for their role in the anti-white media. In fact, he spoke highly of Rwanda imprisoning journalists for life.

Hilariously, before I appeared on The Ralph Retort, Ian wrote that I would be appearing on a “white nationalist podcast”:

Ian, himself, had appeared on that same exact podcast he was now condemning as a white nationalist podcast.

His obvious hypocrisy, flip-flopping, and grifting aside, Ian is actually a dangerous person.

Ian swatted his former business partner, uploaded gay porn onto his channel to result in a ban, and apparently wields enough power to get people suspended from Twitter.

Ian actually addressed the swatting controversy by saying that calling the police on someone he’s mad at is not, in fact, swatting:

Apparently, according to accounts, this is allegedly not the first time Ian has swatted someone. Andy said Ian was responsible for getting a dog owned by “WildGoose” killed. Ian mocked it:

Artist Rendition of WildGoose’s Dead Dog…. F

Recently, there have been numerous reports that Ian is able to get people suspended from Twitter by reporting their accounts enough times for harassment. In one example you can see here, none of the tweets that were reported actually constitute harassment or threats — but they resulted in the account being locked:

It is completely unknown how a Malaysian who spends so much of his life online, who has held every single view in the world — before he opposed it — has been able to climb the ranks to become the managing editor of Ronald Reagan’s favorite publication. Even when it comes to ethics in journalism — the entire focus of GamerGate — Ian’s history is already tainted by him selling his Reddit moderation powers out to people who kept him on their payroll. Ian has been all over the board when it comes to his political views and his lack of ethics — from being a SJW, to a swatter, and now the person who decides who is decent enough to be a Real Conservative — that he should not be trusted in any position of leadership within the conservative movement… or, for that matter, any political movement.