Culture / December 30, 2019

Adrenochrome Vampiricism

As the decade comes to a close, this topic seems almost untouched, likely because of the implications it brings with it for those in power. Adrenochrome Vampiricism is a fantastical sounding topic for certain, however once you look into what it actually means you may be rather surprised at how coherent and believable it actually is. Just keep one question in mind as you read, “If this is possible, would our elites do something immoral to take advantage of it?”.

Throughout history the mythos of Vampires has appeared all over the world in many cultures. From Eastern Europe where many of the aspects we’ve retained in our modern interpretation of the Vampire comes from, to more foreign concepts of the Vampire like India’s BrahmarākŞhasa or China’s Jiangshi. Even ancient Mesopotamia had stories of a blood consuming demon named Lilith who would kidnap infants to harvest their blood. The legend of the vampire seems somewhat universal through time and cultures. Now to be clear the “undead” aspect of the myth isn’t really relevant, rather I would focus on the consumption of blood for “immortality”, increasing life spans and getting “drunk” on it. This is present in almost all the vampire myths globally and is key to the motive of these behaviors.

The vampiric demon Lilith seducing her victim.
Lilith and Faust by Richard Westall

Adrenochrome is a chemical compound (C9H9NO3) created by oxidizing adrenaline with Silver Oxide. From a pure “scientific” viewpoint of it being studied and published in mainstream forums the only side effects reported were that it may induce schizophrenic episodes, de-realization, and euphoria. The truth behind the use of adrenochrome is much more sinister than it may initially appear.

You see adrenochrome and a closely related substance adrenolutin are metabolic products both made using adrenaline. Adrenaline is created in the adrenal glands and pumped into your blood when you are scared, panicked, or in a lot of pain. For pure real adrenaline you would need to draw blood from someone in one of those states. So theoretically if you were to go about efficiently getting some from a purely technical standpoint you would need to simulate that on the victim you are taking it from. The more adrenaline in the blood, the more potent the effects of the adrenochrome would be. The more panicked or in pain the subject is, the more adrenaline would be pumped into the blood. I hope you get the picture.

The Chemical Compound of Adrenochrome

The implications of how you would harvest pure adrenaline are often dismissed by people arguing it wouldn’t be needed because synthetic adrenochrome exists. While it exists, the strength and effects of synthetic adrenochrome is arguable, and doesn’t mean pure adrenaline wouldn’t be sought after. Infact the exact purity of adrenachrome, and metal used to oxidize has shown to have a major role in the effects the drug causes. As well, most of the sources used to dismiss this are from a man named Alexander Shulgin who was a self proclaimed member of the Bohemian Grove.

Arguably even still alive, Adrenochrome addict Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg 🦀

As well as adrenochrome causing an extreme high (euphoria, de-realization, induced Schizophrenia), it also causes your body to become dependent upon it. After taking just a few doses your body shuts down production of adrenaline. This means you would become dependent upon adrenochrome to create adrenaline and become addicted. Much like a vampire must continue to consume blood regularly.

The reason this drug is so sought after by the elite is due to it’s primary effect of rejuvenating youthfulness. Simply put adrenochrome is something of a fountain of youth. It allows the body to conduct cell mitosis closer to the level it does for minors, improves regeneration of muscle tissue, and acts as a Mitotic inhibitor which prevents chromosomes from being pulled apart during mitosis which strengthens them. The more youthful the victim of adrenaline harvesting is, the stronger this effect is. As well as sexual predation this is why the elites have such an obsession with kidnapping and trafficking children. Children’s adrenaline filled blood is immeasurably valuable to these vampires who torture and sacrifice them to extend and enhance their own.

They are Adrenochrome Vampires, and we know exactly who they worship.