News / December 30, 2019

It’s Time to Establish Your Neighborhood Home Owners Association

As reported by the Daily Caller, Democrats in Virginia are planning on using their powers to force low income housing on any and every neighborhood they come across that doesn’t already have it in the state. They plan on forcing this on the people by introducing a bill which will allow the state to override local municipalities Zoning laws, specifically zoning restrictions on multi family housing.

This is obviously a bad thing for everyone.

According to a study conducted in Stanford University, adding low income housing to neighborhoods changes both the economic and social fabric of said neighborhoods.

When Low Income Housing Tax Credit homes (LIHTC) are placed in the areas you would expect (already low income areas that could use a better standard of living for its residents) home prices in those areas rise about 6.5%, and attracts a more racially and economically diverse population by attracting high income investors and your standard libshit hippie looking to turn the shitty neighborhood they have their eye on into the next Park Slope (more on the downsides to this later). Alternatively, LIHTC developments in high income, low diversity areas decreases home values by at least 2.5% for single family homeowners and brings in the worst people you can imagine (I can go into details but you know exactly what I’m talking about).

So that’s it. If you’re a non white person clamoring to live around the white people you love to hate, this is a dream come true. If you’re a libshit yuppie looking good earn good boy points for being a good ally, I’m sure you’re on Twitter right now telling every soulless, self hating fag you know how much you adore this plan. But for you, the family oriented, hard working American who just wants to be left alone, there is no escape. You’re going to reap the benefits of diversity whether you like it or not.

Where do we go from here? Surely average Americans can’t possibly compete with the long arm of the law right?

Maybe not. But also maybe. If there’s anything we can learn from recent events surrounding gun laws in Virginia it’s that people coming together against the government for a common cause works.

In the very same state where these laws are being debated and passed, Virginian gun owners have banded together to give a big ole fuck you to the government and established 2a sanctuaries within their municipalities. We can replicate this.

Starting neighborhood associations is easy. Here is a detailed how-to and what to expect when establishing your neighborhood association.

Your association should ideally have you at the top. If you’re on this site then clearly you know the score and will do what’s needed to protect yourself and your family. If you can’t manage to be the head of the association, then be the shadowy figure influencing the will of those who will be.

The underlying goal will be to raise hell to any mayor who doesn’t fight for your rights to maintain your neighborhood as you see fit. Secondary benefits are obvious: you will foster a tighter bond between you and your neighbors and this will instantly create a greater skepticism to outsiders. People running for public office now face greater challenges in ignoring or otherwise forgetting to address the needs of you and your fellow neighbors. You get the point.

There’s a chance none of this will make a difference. If you happen to fight for your neighborhood and lose, making it as extremely painful as possible for them will be a worthy second place.