Featured / January 3, 2020

Opinion: Trump Should Nuke Iran

With the recent rise in escalation of tensions with Iran over Israe- I mean America and her interests in the Middle East, we at The Daiy Groyper believe it is finally time for the President of the United States Donald J Trump to nuke Iran.

Iran is another one of these piece of shit countries in the Middle East that does nothing but pester our greatest ally™ Israel with constant threats and military posturing. Israel is a shining beacon of hope in a desert of sewage and filthy muslim degenerates who do nothing but fuck goats and eat literal sand sandwiches. If you are an American and you support Democracy then you should be completely fine with nuking Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria and the rest if Israels neighbors to ensure that Democracy is protected at any and all costs.

Even Donald Trump knows Iran is a problem for Israel and an attack on Israel is always an attack on the West.

Name one Democracy in the Middle East besides Israel… Oh, wait… You cant! That’s right folks, it is time to bring Democracy to Iran the same way we brought Democracy to Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan. Pull up those boot straps and charge up your drones because were about to drop some nuclear powered Democracy into the dunes of Iran and glass that bitch.

Israel ROCKS! Fuck Iran! and if you don’t agree you are a retarded faggot LMAO HAHA! Go fuck yourself!

(This article was paid for by the International Israeli Democratic Propaganda Fund)