Featured / January 8, 2020

The Neo-Conservative Israeli War on Iran

The United States of America is engaged in a proxy war against Iran on behalf of Israel. Our interests in the Middle East have everything to do with the safety and (more importantly) imperial expansion of the Jewish state.

Americans know all too well of what a war in the middle east looks like. Drawn out occupation of poorer countries in deserts most Americans couldn’t point out on a map, Spending trillions of tax payer dollars on not anything much at all and the glorious ring of establishing “Democracy” in places where the concept could never really work in the first place… Now that Donald J Trump and his cabinet of Neo-Conservative Zionists seem to have gotten the war they have desired for decades, what is next?


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Bros IDK guys i might pull the trigger here… What should i say? *sweats profusely*

Nuclear explosion created by American atomic bomb.

I am a fucking INCEL FFS!!! I have never even talked to a girl before and i might not ever get the chance to ever again since were all going to FUCKING DIE FOR ISRAEL!!! AHHHH!!!!

Call me a simp idfc but if i’m going to fucking DIE in a WAR no one other than the state of ISRAEL wants! FUCK!!! Alright lads… Wish me luck im going in!