Culture / January 9, 2020

Black Zoomer JD DESTROYS Egirls & COB The SIMP

Right-Wing Twitter erupted late last night after a series of exchanges between JD (@JDthedude22) and Kulpie (@Kulpie). JD, a black christian zoomer, had just created a new account and sought to post his America First merch in a show of support for the movement. After tweeting out his new hoodie all was normal for several hours, that is until Kulpie decided she had to engage.

For those who may not know, Kulpie is a racist-twitter orbiter who has previously been covered on this site for her highly public breakup caused by her boyfriend cheating for Trans coochie (and the ensuing content it brought).

Lets dive into the sequence of events and show some of the highlights.

Kulpie then quote tweets “Hey.” (I guess she still misses the Nigerian Ex.)

After JD gave her the appropriate response, she took it a little personal and enlisted fellow egirl @Custardloaf to try and turn the tables. What did they resort to? Calling a free thinking black man mean names for associating with his fellow christian groypers and figurehead Nick Fuentes.

Of course, it’s only fitting that Christian O’Brien jumped into the action to defend Kulpie.

Christian, otherwise known as “COB” is a prolific egirl-orbiter who has won “Simp of the Week” on GroypCast, in which Steve Franssen had some less than kind words for him.

It looks like Kulpie had some regrets about trying to go after with a based zoomer.

Nonetheless, at this point it was too late. Groypers and e-celebs alike swarmed the mentions of these Egirls and their simp defenders. In particular, A Weekly Sweat host often referred to as “Cool Guy” went on an epic tirade which caused to Kulpie to private her account yet again.

Private Time

JD Responds

JD then went on the attack as well, and it’s not hard when you’re dealing with the same low IQ argument over and over again.

In reponse to the same “Uncle Tom” shtick:

Groypers and Content Kings Jump In

All in all, let this be a lesson that these “anti-racist” egirls and their simp orbiters must be put in check during moments like these. They simply can’t fathom a non-white person wearing AF merch or watching authentic Right Wing content because it shatters their own perception of moral superiority.

Anyone who looks at this objectively realizes it’s nothing more than a shallow attempt to stir up beef and weaponize simps against a young black man who was just trying to vibe.

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