Culture / January 9, 2020

Empty Cartons

Imagine you’re going to the store to pick up ingredients to make an omelet. You’ve been wanting an omelet all of your life. You’ve been saving up for it, preparing yourself to make it. It’s your goal. You pick up the cheese, the chives, and whatever other toppings you want on it, and then you go to get the most important ingredient: the eggs. You slide your cart into the egg aisle, carefully inspect all of the available brands, judging their enticing packaging as you go. You finally pick one out and gleefully head to the checkout. Your heart’s racing as you get through your front door, excited to finally make your perfect omelet. You set out all the ingredients on your counter and then open the egg carton to find that it’s . . . empty.

An empty carton. That’s what the modern woman is reduced to. You hear the same excuses. The same “reasons” to procrastinate:

“I’m not mature enough yet.”

“I want to enjoy my twenties.”

“I need to focus on my career first.”

All bullshit, meaningless platitudes. The real reason: selfishness. The modern woman feels no greater responsibility to raise the next generation of boys and girls, instead spending their time engaging in vain and vapid activities, like whoring themselves out for the attention of simps on Twitter dot com (think Brittany Venti or any number of aging female ecelebs) or going out “partying” (having lots of drunk premarital sex) with their friends. By the end of their youthful folly, after they have hit the wall and look for a man who can support them when they’re busted up, they have run dry. Nature allows them no mercy. Fertility issues start stacking up like jenga blocks, unbalancing the body of the woman. Women lose the vast majority of their egg reserves when their reach the age of thirty, holding unto only a fraction of what they had started off with. To my kings I beg of you, do not give your time or attention to these empty cartons. These women, primarily past the age of 25, who have not used their prime years to raise children, are simply not worth any effort in pursuing.

Now, I know what you might be thinking. Gibby, 26 is young and still in peak fertility, what are you talking about? 26 is not a bad age to have a child, that’s true. Not the best, but still not bad. However, what you have to consider is that I’m advising against STARTING a relationship with a woman who is 26 or older. It takes a while to get to know someone, see if their goals align with yours, get engaged, tie the knot, and then plop out a kid. Probably around 2 years to get to the kid, and that’s assuming that the relationship is successful the whole way through. Even if it does workout, you’ve severely handicapped your ability to have a large family in the future. You might be able to get 2-3 kids in before the 30s start, but then you’re fighting an uphill battle against nature. This is where the rates of birth defects and other fertility issues will really shoot up. The math isn’t on your side. The opinion of nature is that women in their late teens (18-19 only I would NEVER suggest otherwise perverts) or early twenties are the only ones worth giving a damn about.

I’m not going to drone on about women you should pursue, because I’m more concerned about shaming the women that nobody should pursue: the empty cartons. I implore my readers to start publicly shaming childless women online by simply using pictures of empty egg cartons (there are a surprising amount of stock photos of them). This is the ultimate visual symbol of their declining worth in society. Put it in their replies. Call them empty cartons to their face if given the chance. Don’t fall for their excuses of “I’m trying” or “It’s hard.” It’s extraordinarily easy for a woman, given she is moderately/averagely attractive, to find a husband.

Video by Panther Den about the Eggpill

Women who have hit the wall and are childless by choice are the dregs of society. Just like an empty carton of eggs, they have no worth. Resources and eggs are the currency of life, and they’re broke. This is no small issue either. The amount of women wasting their most viable years and maybe popping out one kid with Down’s Syndrome in their late thirties is shocking. I fully support drastic measures against this crisis like banning any and all forms of birth control, which Pat Buchanan himself called the “suicide tablet” of the West. Pat Buchanan is based and eggpilled. Willfully avoiding motherhood is the hallmark of a sick society that has rejected God.

Public shaming is one of the most powerful tools we have at our disposal when enforcing cultural norms, so use it. Some political egirl puts out a tweet? Empty cartons in the replies. Woman goes on your favorite stream? Empty cartons in chat. Lauren Southern comes out of retirement? Empty cartons. Simple as.

– Gibby