News / January 17, 2020

Global warming is Real—Alex Jones Complicit

You might have heard about Global Warming on the daily news, in the paper or from one of your teachers at school, but what you may not have learned is how global warming ties into some of the internets oldest and most divisive conspiracy theories and that the government has known about global warming for decades.

Quick Facts:

Fact One: Wind turbines are commonly thought to be propelled by wind with the purpose of generating reusable energy for human consumption… Contrarily, wind turbines have been used as fans to generate MORE wind to help cool down the atmosphere. Government propaganda has reverse engineered our minds into supporting wind turbines with the belief that they are used to generate clean and safe energy when in reality they TAKE energy from nuclear power plants and generate cool wind to keep the temperature down.

Fact Two: Chem trails have been at the center of many conspiracy theories over the years. Some of these theories propagated by people such as popular conspiracy theorist Alex Jones, claim that chem trails are chemicals in the air to make us sick or they are heavy metals to help harmful 5G mobile signals reach into every crevice of our society.

In fact, Chem Trails are a special blend of chemically infused water particles designed for the sole purpose of cooling the atmosphere. This watery cocktail is loaded into almost every passenger aircraft and released into the skies all over the planet to help counteract the warming effects of our thinning atmosphere and our heating sun.

Airplanes in a Blue Sky with Vapor Trail, Air Traffic

The Government has known about global warming for decades. They have continually come up with new ideas and solutions for the increasing reality of a heating planet but in an attempt to keep the secret at bay and a population at ease, government propagandists have successfully labeled anyone talking about these facts as “crazy” or “conspiracy theorists”

Alex Jones is a government CIA operative who’s sole purpose is to delegitimize the global warming truthers and discredit their arguments by claiming far-out conspiracies that have nothing to do with global warming at all…

Some Twitter users have begun to unravel the truth and post at their own peril the facts revolving around this unraveling conspiracy:

With all of this being said, the people are finally waking up thanks to heroes like Greta Thunberg who have dedicated their lives to the truth not so commonly mentioned, until now.