News / January 18, 2020

Tori Deserved it — David Did Nothing Wrong

First of all, Tori deserved everything that happened to her. She should have just sold the toothbrush to David Leavitt and kept her dumb mouth shut. Tori should count her losses and just leav itt be (if you get what i’m saying) Target should fire her and give David Leavitt free toothbrushes for life.

David Leavitt is an award winning journalist who has been featured in all of the greatest magazines and publications you have heard of. He is a master of his craft and deserves respect. David does not leave his house and go to Target to get harassed by some low skilled brat in a dirty uniform. David could shop anywhere and he chose Target because he thought the customer service was decent enough, but it obviously wasn’t and we all know what it is like to deal with poor customer service. In my opinion, David held back and he could have (should have) done allot worse.

This is the face of an absolute king

Look at her stupid fucking face just smirking at a paying customer as he is clearly distraught and confused over a price that was clearly visible on the product. Tori clearly wanted to cause trouble which is why she decided to withhold service from David.

Look at these RETARDS simping for fugly Tori on Twitter. They don’t understand royalty when it is staring them right in the face.

The idiot above obviously didn’t read the whole tweet thread where it clearly states that David had to call the police over the toothbrush dispute.

If someone is calling the police then the customer service is obviously horrendous enough to warrant an investigation. Target should fire Tori and make her pay for the toothbrush she refused to sell David.

Here at the Daily Groyper we recognize and respect kings when we see them. David, you have our full respect and adoration and we hope you continue your crusade against corporate America and achieve great things in the near future.