Culture / January 21, 2020

A Guide To Respawning and Not Getting Banned On Twitter

So, you keep getting banned on Twitter dot com. Sucks, right? There’s nothing worse than building up an account for months only to have the suspended dialogue box pop up; You lose all your content, you lose your mutuals, you lose your reply guys. What if I told you there are simple steps you could take to boost your odds of staying on the platform? Well, you’re in luck.

Here’s my guide to respawning and staying on Twitter. First, we’ll cover how to respawn (make a new account) if you just got suspended.

  • Delete the Twitter App and clear it’s data
  • Clear the browsing data and cache of any computer browser you used your account on
  • Reset your advertisement ID (Iphone: Settings>privacy>advertising>reset advertising identifier)
  • Acquire a phone number for your account, there are a few popular options.
    1., (offers 1 number for free ($10/each after))
    2. ($5 for a 7 day number rental)
    3. Buy a tracfone (price varies, you can change your number up to 10 times and create google voices for each number.)
    4. (Single use number for $2)
  • Make a burner email for your new account
  • Get a free VPN on your phone and computer
  • Make your account on browser (this works better than mobile for some reason)
  • Redownload the app and sign in

Now that you’re back on Twitter, it’s important to know how to stay out of Jack’s crosshairs during the first few weeks and not get nuked for ban evasion. So, here’s some advice:

  • Use either a different avi or header (I’ve put a filter on my avi before)
  • Consider rebranding entirely if you’ve already got nuked 4 or more times with the same brand
  • Avoid putting “Refollow” in your name if you’re using the same exact name
  • Follow some normie accounts to not raise red flags with the algorithm (Obama, Famous people, Sports Teams)
  • Follow your mutuals back slowly, like 50-100 per day
  • DO NOT GO OFF OR NAME THEM EXCESSIVELY for at least a week or two. This is the most important thing to remember because your account is vulnerable during this time period; Twitter can permanently suspend accounts if they determine its primary use is for targeted harassment or “Hateful Conduct”
  • DO NOT post screenshots of the “error, your account is suspended” box
  • DO NOT try and dunk on the antifa/deplatform account that got you suspended, you want to avoid being on their radar for as long as possible.

If you’ve survived the respawn and have regained most of your mutuals, you might just want to go off and if you get suspended again. But, if the goal is to hold on to the account for a longer duration, avoiding TOS violations is how you’ll be able to survive. Without overcomplicating it, here are some recommendations on how to avoid violating the TOS:

  • AVOID “No-go” words, This includes; faggot, retard, n*gger, and other racial slurs.
  • AVOID dunking too much on normie twitter. While it’s fun to go off in the replies or quote tweet some random, this is when you’re a high risk of getting locked out or suspended because they person in question might report you.
  • Be Ironic, the less aggressive your rhetoric is, the less likely it’ll be a violation.
  • Maintain a good balance of content. Twitter bans accounts that they think are primarily for harassing people and being racist, so you’ll not want that to dominate your posts all the time….switch it up occasionally

Good luck, hopefully you learned something that will help you rise up against Jack and the reportfags.