News / January 23, 2020

BREAKING: #PourOneOut Corona Virus Challenge

As the Corona virus spreads across all of China due to disgusting eating habits it is important to remember that as Americans we have a duty to turn disaster into a great marketing opportunity. This weekend we are to #PourOneOut for our dead homies in China.

This weekend, all readers will be required to pour out a Corona in memory for our fallen Chinese brothers. We will take to social media posting videos of ourselves pouring out a Corona to express solidarity for the Chinese during these trying times. We will post these videos with the #PourOneOut hashtag along with any #CoronaVirus accompanying hashtags.

Although people are suffering and surely China is on the brink of total social collapse, this does not mean we as Americans can’t have fun and continue to live it up while enjoying one of our most beloved beverages of all, Corona beer.

We will begin pouring one out immediately after reading this article. All readers are required to pour one out, your IPs are being tracked and will be banned from reading this website if it is found that you have not participated in the great #PourOneOut Corona Virus challenge of 2020.