Featured / January 23, 2020

Kathy Zhu Promotes Corona Virus Conspiracy Theory

Popular Trump supporter Kathy Zhu took to Twitter late Thursday afternoon in an emotional tirade to promote conspiracy theories about the Chinese outbreak of the Corona Virus. Kathy rejects the narrative that the virus could have been caused by the consumption of bats and instead claims “The CN gov is trying to cover up the fact that a biolab with the world’s most hazardous viruses opened months before the virus outbreak.”

Kathy then goes on to insinuate that she too has “eaten a lot of crazy stuff” and that American chicken “isn’t even chicken.”

Taking a closer look at Zhu’s social media “likes” page, it appears she is completely onboard with the exptic practices of consuming oriental dishes such as the infamous bat soup.

Kathy then feels the need to remind everyone where she was born:

Kathy goes on to claim “Making a conspiracy out of nothing is what people do for attention.” which is something she herself is doing by promoting the FALSE narrative that the Corona Virus was actually a biological weapon.

She seems to be taking all of this very personally and feels the need to defend China from the mean things people are saying about their eating habits and hygiene.

The Daily Groyper will continue to follow this situation closely and provide updates as the story unfolds.

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