Culture / January 29, 2020

Optics For Dummies

“Optics Cucking” is a term often used to mock those who want to appear ideologically presentable to normal Americans. There are definitely some use cases for this phrase, but I think the term is used much too often. The reality today is that if we want to keep our careers and not be blocked from participating in polite society, we need to blend in. If you want to redpill people there are steps you need to take. If you tell a Turning Point conservative that we need to completely shut down immigration, do not be surprised if they completely reject what you say. In this guide, I will outline the ways you can convince someone to truly put America First.

Looking The Part

The first step to changing someone’s opinion is the first impression. If you look like an avowed member of your city’s homeless population and you are trying to appeal to college students. you are going to have a very bad time. This doesn’t necessarily mean you have to dress in a suit and tie, especially on casual Fridays, but look in the mirror and ask yourself if you would be comfortable talking to someone dressed and styled the way you are. Then, ask a friend the same question.

Connect With Them

The second step is finding their values. This part can be a bit tricky, as most people would take someone’s policy opinions at face value, and this is a common mistake. Why? Let’s look at this through an example. I personally believe that we should break up corporations. A communist would also tell you that they want to break up corporations. At face value, we appear exactly the same, but our values are different. I want to break up these corporations because I recognize that they will undercut the American worker in order to draw in cheaper foreign labor. A communist would tell you that it is about all workers’ rights, not just those of American workers. Do you see the difference? Despite holding the same desire to break up corporations, our side values nationalism and the communist’s worldview values globalism. If you are talking to a normie conservative, you can probably find that you share a wealth of values and political standpoints. Nationalism and pro-life positions tend to be very common. Focus on those issues over others, as it is exceedingly difficult to shift someone’s opinion if they don’t hold at least some of the same values as you do.

Slow and Steady

Third, recognize that this will take a while. If you know the person well and talk to them more than once a week or so, don’t feel the need to rush things. Make a passing remark every once in a while and watch their response. Show them videos or articles that are slightly farther right than what they watch. Tucker Carlson is my number one recommendation for redpilling normies, he’s crowned as the King of Optics for a reason. Many conservatives already know him from Fox News and they will naturally be more relaxed and subject to persuasion as they are probably quite familiar with his face. If Tucker makes a good point about families being divided, enthusiastically agree and really show your passion. If you are at an event, you might change someone’s mind about one or two issues if you are lucky, but don’t expect them to just start nodding at everything you say. If they really liked what you were saying, they will research it on their own, and other nationalists, Groypers, and Wikipedia’s “Early Life” sections will be there to help them.


Fourth, I don’t think that I need to explain how effective comedy can be as a tool for spreading ideas. Look at this very website as a prime example. Remember that redpilling people can be as simple as spreading memes. Why is it so effective? Because memetic information breaks the programming. Getting someone to laugh at a meme that is making fun of minorities is showing you who they truly are. Mask off. For a split second, you are seeing them without the indoctrination and the “education”. The more you can get them to laugh at controversial topics the more you normalize it to them. It’s the EMP to their red dot. The plasma pistol to their shield. Once this is done, you can start to point things out. Think of key questions. Why do people get fired for saying offensive jokes, but only if they are on the right? That leads to the follow-up question; is the media actually on the side of the people? Notice that these questions can appear very basic, but you can spin it in certain ways. You don’t have to outright name them or do anything like that, but maybe ask why do all media outlets promote the same thing? No kids, living in the city, etc. The point is, you aren’t trying to constrict them, but you are giving them the breathing room to think about these questions.

End Game

Lastly, ask yourself a few questions before you go through with talking to someone. Are you friends with this person? If you are, are you willing to lose that friendship? Would they report you to your boss or family or others if they reacted negatively? If you aren’t friends, are you willing to risk the possibility of them trying to dox you? Be honest with yourself, because, while redpilling a close friend is awesome, your future is more important. If you accept the risks, then I wish you the best of luck in your endeavors. May God be with you on your journey, friends!

Edited By Serval Groyper (@VeryBigKot)