Featured / January 30, 2020

Did the Media Just Call Andrew Yang a Chink?

On Wednesday, a Malaysian news website called The Star Online ran with the headline “Could this be the chink in Trump’s armour?” referring to presidential hopeful Andrew Yang. Was this headline a fumbled translation, or did June H.L. Wong straight up call Andrew Yang a Chink?

What a headline!

It’s only been a week since the Wuhan Corona Virus outbreak and we are already witnessing some of it’s worst effects, RACISM AGAINST THE CHINESE.

The author June H.L. Wong seems to be Chinese herself, which initially lead me to believe she was somehow connected to the Andrew Yang campaign and the headline of “chink” was an attempt to gain attention from the general public that would turn into sympathy for Andrew Yang. Sympathy which he could then use to his advantage on the campaign trail by claiming victim status, and go on to champion anti-racist views, and lead a political war against the evil white man. This was my first thought, as I am conspiratorially minded, but upon further review I have come to the conclusion that the author of the article in question is just sort of retarded.

June HL Wong and co writing down Chinese slurs

The media will do this from time to time. They will print something so ridiculous and shocking to gain attention, for all sorts of reasons. Sometimes it is simply for the clicks and the ad revenue, other times, it is to generate support for the target of the attacks.

This is how it works:

  • Media supports candidate
  • Media attacks candidate with retarded talking point / slur
  • General public defends candidate from retarded talking point / slur
  • Candidate gains in popularity
  • Media circles around to support candidate
  • Candidate / media wins ($$$)?


Imagine, say I support Andrew Yang… I then write an article claiming Andrew Yang is a “chink” and that all Chinese people are bad at driving and shouldn’t be allowed to be president because they are all spies for the Communist Chinese government. I take this theoretical article and I start sharing it with pro-Andrew Yang forums, social media pages and chat rooms. After enough Andrew Yang supporters read this horribly racist and insinuative piece, they become enraged and begin sharing it to their social media pages, Andrew Yang himself catches wind and disavows the extremely hurtful piece… The mainstream media picks it up and prints stories about racism in America and how Andrew Yang plans on defeating Trump. I call this trick the Yin and the Yang. This is how propaganda, social media and guerrilla marketing works in the 21st century.

Anyways, most of you haven’t read this far and I highly doubt boomers have even opened up the article. The headline is really all you need to generate some good old fashioned boomer outrage. The article in question is pro-Yang! but the headline is questionable, to say the least. Our headline is far more abrasive, I bet this piece will generate more clicks based on the headline alone.

Final thought: Andrew Yang is retarded. His campaign slogan is, “Make America Think Harder” or simply, “MATH”. How can you expect to win the American presidency when your slogan is a cheap self deprecating Chinese knockoff of the current president’s epic Make America Great Again? Good fucking ruck!