Culture / February 8, 2020

Rejecting The Black Pill

The wagie wakes to a piercing electronic ring and looks over at his nightstand. His alarm clock flashes brightly and beeps at him as it reads “6:00 AM”. Blackpilled again. He gets up and grabs the antidepressants out of his medicine cabinet. Blackpilled again. He drives to his job at McDonald’s and gets yelled at for not smiling enough. Blackpilled again. He gets home to an empty apartment. Blackpilled again. Is this a familiar story to you, or someone you know? Many of us have experienced being in a dark place mentally, or are currently there, and for as long as this movement has existed, this has been a problem that many among us refuse to address.

The Elephant in the Room

I will not stand by as many of us continue to belittle the mental struggles being fought by many of the young men in our movement. When someone brings up their deteriorating headspace, it is often met with hostility by people claiming that they are ruining the vibe or doomer-posting. These are statements that need to be met with support, not disgust. Addressing their problems with legitimate solutions and support is how a movement of boys turns into a movement of men. Do you want emotionally strong men, who can support their families, or a group of people that can barely keep themselves sane? Help shape your friends into the future this country needs.

Understanding the History

Looking at the history of psychoanalysis, many will point to one of its most prominent founders: Sigmund Freud. Although Freud doesn’t have the best reputation, he still had a pivotal role in furthering our understanding of how to handle psychological damage like shell shock. Allowing his patients to talk freely about whatever came to their mind and paying special attention to their dreams proved to be very effective in understanding how to treat their mental illness. Unfortunately, he went crazy and much of his later work was complete nonsense. Eventually, his style was rivaled by Cognitive Behavioural Therapy or CBT for short, which emphasized cheap and quick treatments that use a step by step process to try and change cognitive distortions in order to quickly bring the patient back into a productive life. Both sides have their critics and I think it would be most beneficial to use both treatment types in addition to praying to God and reading his word.

Helping Someone in Need

Despite the fact that the US has billions of dollars invested in mental health research, the reality is that the most effective way to help someone is to talk to them and suggest legitimate solutions to their problems. Young American men are suffering from dissociation and a lack of purpose. Many men work at minimum wage service jobs, and worst of all, these jobs are usually alongside women. They spend all day at these jobs, every single day, and deviate from the path they aspired towards during their youth, which takes a massive toll on one’s health. When they continue to work these jobs for the rest of their lives it is no surprise that many people resort to suicide or mass murder. Many philosophers have talked about this, and Joker references this. “I hope my death makes more cents than my life” is a reference to the perception that many depressed Americans have. The idea that they are completely unnoticed in life, so maybe their death will attract more attention is usually the reasoning. We don’t have to accept this as inevitable. Talk to your friends and re-associate them into society. Occasionally ask them if they are doing alright and if not, ask them to elaborate. Remind them that while this world is horrible as it stands, they will be apart of something that people will enjoy for centuries.

Improving the Mind and Body

Two things changed my mindset and my way of life: Godliness, and working out. First, God is someone that, even in my darkest moments, I have been able to talk to and will always be there for you. Even if you can’t find a high-quality church near you, pick up a Bible and look up parts in scripture that deal with hard times. In regards to working out, you’re probably saying, “I’ve tried that and eventually I just stop going”. This is why you work out with someone you know, ideally someone more experienced than you, and thus you kill two birds with one stone. Dedicating more time to hang out with a close friend allows both of you to build a close bond that isn’t easily broken, and it increases your mental fortitude. The other obvious effect is that you will become more confident as your body shapes over time. Even if you don’t have any real-life friends, you can pop in some headphones and hop into a voice chat. You can even shoot me a message on Twitter and I can try my best to help you with your situation. How are we supposed to lead a movement based on tradition and morals if we can’t even support each other? Take the first step in rebuilding yourself and reject the black pill. We can all make it, but only if we push through it together.

Edited by @BigServal, picture created by @BrianBubk