Culture / February 10, 2020

On The Agarthan Question

For time immemorial there have been heated arguments raging online surrounding the Flat versus Round Earth debate. The Flat-Earthers being driven mostly by distrust of lab coats and images of skylines with no curve or whatever. Though their distrust in the Scientific-Technological Elite of post-human devil worshipers is well placed, they are missing the mark.

The truth is (as usual) found in a third option, the Earth is round and hollow. Inside it lies Agartha, the lost world. The realm of Agartha is the land of humanity’s ascension, where our Hyperborean ancestors emerged from the North entrance and went forward into Northern Europe.

Map of Hyperborea, The Land Beyond The North Wind

There are believed to be many entrances to Agartha. The North and South Poles are the largest gateways, however, there are others. Within the Himalayan Mountains is a hidden monastery known as Khembalung (Shangri-La), where Hindu Monks guard the entrance to the underground city of Shonshe. The Pyramid of Giza holds an entrance sealed off within it. And there are many more in places like Mato Grosso, Brazil, Mount Epomeo, Italy, and Mount Shasta, California.

An artistic interpretation of the Lost City of Shangri-La

Within Agartha lies many cities, cultures, continents, mountains, forests, and oceans. It is a complete world held within our own. The city of Shamballah is believed to be within Agartha; where, in the Hindu faith, the final Avatar of Vishnu, Kalki, is supposed to be born. Kalki is said to be the tenth Avatar who will lead humanity out of the Kali Yuga, or Dark Age, we are in, and usher in a Golden Age. Hinduism involves a long and tangled tapestry of Indian mythology, and information regarding it is readily available. Of course, it needn’t be stated that Jesus Christ is the one true God.

Many cultures have beliefs in the underground world, such as the Buddhists, who believe that a major king in Agartha offers guidance to the Dalai Lama of Tibet. In India, many believe the humans referred to as the “Deep Ones” live in the underground world of Agartha, and have been in conflict with a race known as the “Nagas” for centuries. The Tibetans believe there is an underground Pan-Asian tunnel system that leads to Agartha, and many Native American tribes believe humanity emerged long ago from within the Earth.

Robert McCall’s Mural “The Prologue and the Promise

What it comes down to is that Agartha is our ancestral homeland, it is within our blood and shared consciousness. In many ways, Agartha is really a metaphor for the Faustian spirit held within the White Man. The dissatisfaction with the current state of the world, and the pursuit and discovery of a better one. In the same way Agartha resides within the Earth, it resides in us all. I hope this overview of Agartha has explained it well, and I will expand upon how this ties in with Barron Trump going back to retrieve the final Avatar of Vishnu. I will lay out how this one act shall usher in our Golden Age, and its effect on our destiny in a future article if the Dalai Lama does not stop me first.