Featured / February 17, 2020

The Corona Virus Conspiracy

On January 30th 2019, a United States government funded media company called RFA China had reported of a “SARS corona virus” in the Chinese city of Wuhan that had infected twenty seven people with symptoms of “pneumonia”. The video posted by RFA China shows government employees power washing city streets and buildings in an attempt to quell the spread of the “unknown” virus.

“Twenty-seven cases of “unknown cause of pneumonia” have been found in Wuhan, and there have been repeated local reports that the pathogen is SARS coronavirus. Southern Metropolis Daily called the Health and Medical Commission and the CDC, and the response was “cannot be determined” as SARS, that is, not yet determined, not denied, but to wait for the results of the National Health and Medical Commission’s laboratory to conclude. People’s Daily stated that even if it is SARS, everyone should not panic if they have previous experience.”

The comments under the video posted above are mostly from pro Hong Kong revolution Twitter accounts who are using the early reporting of a virus breakout to condemn the CCP and call for revolution. Chinese government shills are also seen in the comment section telling everyone to remain calm.

Considering what we now know about the corona virus, an incubation period of up to 24 days would suggest that it had been infecting people around December 5th 2019 (almost two months before Chinese New year)

The drastic response of hazmat suits and power washers coupled with a lack of reporting on the end of the CCP suggests the Chinese government knew something big was happening but did not want the people panicking over this “unknown” corona virus.

Conspiracy Theory

Foreign agents working within the CCP at the Wuhan Institute of Virology (Chinas only declared laboratory working with deadly viruses) secretly released the deadly Corona Virus 40 days before the largest annual human migration (Chinese New Year) making it seem like an accident so as to illicit a quiet response from the CCP (furthering the deadly virus’ spread)

The lack of reporting on the end of the Chinese would suggest they believed it to be an accident of their own responsibility. the drastic response would suggest they knew almost exactly what they might have been dealing with.

As the virus spread, CIA backed Hong Kong protesters took to social media to call for revolution against the corrupt and incompetent Chinese government, sharing horrifying footage coupled with conspiracy theories that will eventually sway the Chinese public opinion against their own government.