Opinion / February 20, 2020

Brittany Venti is CANCELLED

It has come to our attention here at The Daily Groyper that well known grifter and failed titty-streamer Brittany Venti has taken it upon herself to once again sow dissent among OUR community with her divisive and distracting comments aimed at Christians, Groypers, men, and friends alike. These abominable statements by this wretched beast will not stand without retaliation. With this article we at The Daily Groyper hereby declare that once and for all, Brittany Venti is CANCELLED!

Although Venti has a very low IQ, like a sixth sense, her inherently manipulative nature led her towards a niche community of Right-Wing internet memers. Understanding that as a mediocre streamer who is a solid 2/10 in a community of women who are commonly more attractive than most porn stars, Venti found refuge in a community lacking women (competition) and has latched on like a tick, embedding herself deeply into the skin of Right-wing twitter and infecting it like a debilitating virus, sewing discord and conflict wherever she goes, leaving a wake of dead memes and thirsting beta orbiters in her path.

Venti has continually grifted and profited off of various internet fads and movements, including the LeafyIsHere-led commentary community on YouTube in 2015, the HWNDU livestream in 2017, the Alt-Lite AND the Alt-Right, culminating in her most recent grift within the America First Conservative movement. This past week, she has attacked famed Pro-Trump rapper and comedian Tim “Baked Alaska” Gionet, labeling him as a grifter, despite the fact that Gionet was key in introducing her and promoting her within the political sphere. She has even gone so far as to agree with the Soros-funded Right-Wing Watch writer and famed hall-monitor Jared Holt in his libelous attack against Gionet and Patrick Casey, who both Holt and Venti falsely label a “neo-Nazi.” See for yourself:

The Daily Groyper reached out to legendary gamer Patrick Casey for comment on this tweet attacking him and Gionet. This was his response:

“It’s surprising that Brittany Venti is promoting Jared Holt’s obvious smear, given that she openly associates with Right-Wing dissidents. Neither I nor Baked Alaska have ever advocated racial hatred or ‘neo-Nazism.’”

Here is Gionet and Venti from their appearance as guests on the Pod Awful Podcast

Venti maintained a publicly friendly relationship with Gionet throughout 2017, chasing his clout all the way to the Unite the Right Rally in Charlottesville, Virginia. Without Baked Alaska’s generosity and promotion, Brittany Venti would have remained entirely irrelevant within political right wing. The Daily Groyper reached out to Baked Alaska for a comment on this article and he responded as saying: 

 “Brittany Venti is a gay woman who has leeched off the YOBA Empire and our guys from day 1. As her demonic soul continues to perform ethnic witchcraft, she will forever be remembered as a meddling femoid who tried to divide the movement with petty squabbles. And never forget she hates the Lord Jesus Christ. A final warning to all her orbiting simps, abandon this wretched hole, or enjoy eternity in burning excrement with your wicked queen.”

Now we know what you are thinking: “this sounds pretty extreme” But as you will see, Brittany Venti does in fact hate Christians and without repentance will surely burn in hell for the horrible comments as seen below.

As you can see here, soon after Kanye West proclaimed his love and adoration for the Lord Jesus Christ and dedicated an entire album to his name titled “Jesus is King” Pagan Brittany Venti took it upon herself to proclaim that Kanye was not a Christian and that his wife was a “whore who got famous for having sex with a bl*ck guy on film for money” Christianity is full of stories of redemption and we here at The Daily Groyper understand that Kanye and his wife have up until recently lived a less than holy life but all will be forgiven in baptismal waters of Christ almighty. Brittany Venti might want to take a page out of Kanye West’s book and follow in his righteous footsteps before she is damned for all of eternity.

Here we see Venti once again belittling Catholics, Groypers, and allies of the movement with demeaning and demoralizing statements intended to divide and cause infighting within the budding Groyper community.

Although Brittany Venti is a self proclaimed Pagan, who takes it upon herself to “call out Catholic grifters” she has no problem grifting and profiting from “#Christianity” by selling “#Christian” products on her online store.

One of these “Catholic grifters” that Venti has publicly attacked is her former friend Martina Markota, who received much the same treatment as Baked Alaska from Venti. The excessively more attractive, womanly and talented Martina Markota was pivotal in the rise of the well-known grifter known as Brittany Venti. Here we see Venti once again leeching off of the success and fame of her superiors only to later turn on her one-time friend. Martina in her generosity invited Venti along on podcasts, took her into her home, and connected her with other more popular content creators such as Gavin McInnes.

As previously stated, Brittany finds comfort within a Right-Wing internet niche lacking competition from other more attractive women. She is not a typical gaming streamer due to the lone fact that she is uglier than Chuck Schumer’s wife.

One of Venti’s common critiques of other women is “lack of modesty”. The hypocritical nature of this little girl cannot be understated as she clearly flaunts her breasts on camera for donations. In addition to this criticism of other women, Venti is a stuanch and outspoken critic of pornograhy:

Now, it is the official opinion of The Daily Groyper that pornography is sinful, damaging, and degenerate, greatly harming the ability of people to develop healthy relationships, but Venti’s criticism rings hollow, as most of her content can be considered a form of softcore pornography. She is a part of the problem and tempts young men into sins of the flesh, just like an actual porn star.

Wait a minute, Brittany’s face looks a little different between some of these photos, right? It’s almost like a reliable source has come to The Daily Groyper and showed us evidence that Venti has undergone thousands of dollars’ worth of plastic surgery. Decide for yourself:

In writing this article we at The Daily Groyper have reached out to many friends and associates of Brittany Venti for comments about her and her behavior.

Venti’s long-time friend Dr. David Duke declined to comment when we contacted him.

The Daily Groyper also reached out to Venti’s fellow Charlottesville attendee Richard Spencer for comment. He sent us this drunken voicemail about Venti in response.

An anonymous source close to Venti spoke with us in private but refused to allow any information of his in the article. We at The Daily Groyper took it upon ourselves to provide a general transcript of that conversation here anyway considering the hilarity and brutal honesty. 

Our source said something along the lines of: “Venti is unironic in her online demeanor as she publicly belched loudly inside of restaurants, berated her boyfriend in public, marauded down country streets dressed as a weeaboo, brings tarot cards along wherever she goes and continuously browses 4chan shilling herself in virtually every thread. Believe it or not, she is worse in real life than she is on the internet” 

LMFAO what a disgusting FREAK.

A follow-up article will be coming within the next few weeks.