News / March 6, 2020

Sorry Bernie Bros, #JOEMENTUM Continues

The Empire struck back this week when Joe Biden, aided by the establishment with key last minute endorsements, obliterated Bernie Sanders on Super Tuesday.

The dementia-ridden candidate’s army of centrist boomers and blacks turned out en masse, and when the dust settled he walked away with 10 states compared to Sanders’s 4. With the huge victory, #Joementum is building and will likely take Aryan Joe to the nomination.

The ensuing rage of Bernie’s heavily invested young voters on Wednesday was truly hilarious. They simply could not fathom how Sanders got obliterated with the Black vote while being the most pro-minority candidate.

Bernie Fans also lashed out in disbelief at how so many could vote for a candidate who just schmoods all day, noting that Biden hadn’t campaigned in a Super Tuesday state in over a Month.

The cope began to pour in on Wednesday, with a lot of it coming from Reddit, of course.

Frustrations reached a boiling point when several sanders fans decided to go full race realist mode to explain the disappointing results.

Shortly after learning of the freak out, RW Twitter did what it does best and cranked out Based Biden content.

Black Biden stans also responded to White Bernie Bros demanding their support in hilarious fashion.

The sheer absurdity of Biden becoming the strong front runner to go up against Trump makes the meme craze that much better. But forget about Biden’s cognitive decline, his casual, care-free campaign style… There’s also the fact that based comments from him have repeatedly surfaced.

The nomination is still months away, with dozens of primary contests still to come. But one thing is for certain, #JOEMENTUM is building and there’s no slow down in sight!