Featured / March 10, 2020

You Are Racist for Calling it the Chinese Wuhan Virus

If you have referred to the pandemic sweeping across the globe as the Chinese Corona Virus then you are a racist. Journalists have even taken this as far as referring to Chinese people as “chinks” in what historians will soon call one of the most racist times in world history.

At a recent rally President Donald J Trump brought the only Chinese woman in the crowd on stage to publicly berate her in front of a jeering mass of racist white Americans. He called her “chink” and had secret service remove her from the premises. Journalists have now begun echoing this term.

Before we show you the racism incited by President Trump, let us begin by explaining to you that calling the virus the Chinese Wuhan virus is in fact racist. You can always count on a journalist to lay it on straight.

The blue check marks on Twitter have been pig piling the Chinese people with racism ever since this virus erupted. For all we know, the CIA was behind the spread of this virus in an attempt to take down the worlds greatest super power, the Chinese government.

And get a load of this wordsmith. We see exactly what you did there, “Soumya”

There is an overwhelming amount of verified Twitter users referring to Chinese people with the hard C.

and THIS has to be one of the MOST horrible examples of racism i have ever seen in my life.

The Daily Groyper is monitoring the situation and will continue to provide updates as this horrific racism continues to spread like a plague across our once great nation.