Culture / March 17, 2020

BE PREPARED: Frankie MacDonald Warns World of Corona virus

Frankie MacDonald is the worlds most informed and vindicated weatherman of all time. Time and time again Frankie has warned of disaster, asked for everyone to “Be Prepared” and bravely traversed the elements to deliver groundbreaking reporting on the weather no matter the danger.

Today, there is a new danger on the horizon, the Chinese Corona Virus, and Frankie is taking no chances.

Frankie has taken to his social media pages to warn his millions of fans of the virus telling them to “Be Prepared” and that he will love to see them all after the virus is defeated.

Frankie gets it right every time. Although we should be prepared and take warning, Frankie knows that this too shall pass.

We thank you Frankie for your groundbreaking work on the weather and wish you good health during these trying times.