Featured / March 18, 2020

Republican Activist RC Maxwell: “Shoot Up A School Already”

Obscure republican activist RC Maxwell (Robert Christopher Maxwell) took to Twitter late Wednesday afternoon telling prominent Conservative commentator to “Shoot Up A School Already”. After an increase in ‘right wing’ violence, speech such as this has been said to encourage potentially violent actions.

In a response to backlash, Maxwell says: “Want me to tag my other employers for you @Heritage @RNC @WomenforTrump @realDailyWire” claiming to work for said organizations. If Maxwell’s claims are to be true, these organizations would have a serious problem on their hands.

Screenshot to the full account

Archived link for reference: https://archive.is/GCGCX

Archive to original tweet: https://archive.is/UoIq2

RC Maxwell has affiliation with popular conservative publication Human Events

RC Maxwell has apparent affiliation with questionable student conservative group Turning Point USA:

RC Maxwell continues with his dangerous rhetoric against prominent Conservative speaker Jaden Mcneil:

RC Maxwell is well connected among ‘MAGA’ circles in D.C. and has been featured in many mainstream publications. Notably, RC was maced after allegedly harassing left wing demonstrators.

RC Maxwell was also seen on a livestream with popular Charlottesville attendee Christopher Cantwell:

The Daily Groyper is following this story closely and will make updates as developments continue to come in.

Update – After RC Maxwell had read this article, he boldly posted this to Twitter: