Featured / May 9, 2020

Alternative Universe Twitter Accounts Plague Right Wing Twitter

Alternative universe Twitter accounts seemingly from an opposite dimension have thrust into right wing Twitter like a scornful pagan omen hellbent on chaos and destruction.

The accounts all seem as though they might actually be real. Some of what these accounts are saying seem to be completely rational and believable. Many of the people, if not all of them, who have interacted with the accounts have been fooled.

Some of these accounts were so similar to their real-world alternatives that they deceived even the most impressive internet sleuths.

Popular internet research historian, Arther B. Stevenson, claimed: “These accounts are so deceiving, they might even be run by the individuals they seem to portray.

We are not sure who runs each account, whether they are run by the individuals they seem to be portraying is up for debate.

For now, I would personally like to think that they are in fact run by the real world individuals who could be interested in exploring the idea of an alternate universe version of themselves.