Featured / May 9, 2020

Developing: Is Steve Bannon Working With The Daily Grifter, Jaredo Texas?

Late Friday evening, the Daily Grifter (a twitter account run by stalker and Israeli spy Jaredo Texas) posted an image of Jaredo Texas posing with brilliantly evil mastermind Steve Bannon in what appears to be a complete and total provocation to all Groypers.

The post in question claims “many people want the scoop” referring to Donald Trump’s “Two Scoops” comments, and also “here is the tea” possibly referring to famed British/Israeli spy Boris Klonikov, who gained admin access to The Daily Groyper website and dumped private files last October.

Little is known about the two’s relationship, but what is quite certain is that they have been working hand-in-hand behind the scenes for years. Jaredo Texas was prominent in helping Donald J. Trump get elected in the 2016 presidential election. Was Jaredo Texas the shadow behind the famed campaign manager Steve Bannon?

We will continue our investigation into Jaredo Texas and Steve Bannon’s relationship in hopes at uncovering the presumably vast underground network of MAGA influencers, influenced by famed British/Israeli spy Boris Klonikov.