Featured / May 15, 2020

“I’m With Groyper” Troll Lost on Perpetually Outraged Wignats & ‘Right-Wing’ Feminists

Hilariously, feminists like Brittany Venti and her pagan wignat simps took the bait planted by Nicholas Fuentes after he jokingly added an “I’m with Groyper” shirt to his online store.

About a week before the troll shirts went up for sale, Nick announced he would make them as a joke while predicting exactly what loser critics would say.

“It’s so stupid. That’s what people don’t get, they think it’s unironic. They’re like “this groyper thing is kekistan”. We’re doing it totally, like, stupidly, you know. We should do one of those t-shirts that you get at WalMart”

Behold, all of the horrible takes from ‘right wing’ e-feminists and wignat simps alike:



mfw retards don’t get the joke

Yea, that literally is the joke you fucking retard lmfao

Imagine being offended by a joke on the internet you dumb bitch LMFAO

Our friend here ironically posted this tweet below, and later complained about the unironic retards who clearly don’t get it lmfao

They just don’t get it…

Out of all of the outraged responses on Twitter, narcissist feminist Brittany Venti wins hands down.

LMFAO this dumb bitch is either actually this stupid or is willingly misleading her audience into actually believing AF would unironically promote miscegenation with a WalMart-like “i’m with groyper” shirt.

We at the Daily Groyper believe Brittany Venti isn’t actually smart enough for those media tricks.

Vindicated Venti Strikes Again!

The media does this all of the time. They will take your words and apply their own context to them. If you tell a joke online, they will strip it of the build up and release the punch-line, withholding context from the viewer as to incite outrage against the target.

Brittany is obviously not intelligent enough for these types of tricks, she is simply upset at the fact that she is ugly and unlikable and most of us are fed up with her narcissistic “me” posting.

I mean, a post just calling her ugly has more likes than any of her “groyper outrage” tweets have gotten over the last week.

She is just simply pathetic.

What’s more, she is so dumb, she refutes her own arguments over and over on her own timeline.

Here she is claiming the ironic groyper shirt isn’t ironic, and that saying it is “ironic” is a cover for posting cringe…

Hilarious, considering this is the same idiot who has an OnlyFans account where she “ironically” profits off of posting pictures of her “pussy”

She is of course, only “ironically” sending her fanbase to the pornographic website OnlyFans where they have to traverse through filth and nudity before finding her “ironic” OnlyFans account.

“It’s only irony guyzz!”

These people are not serious, and they’re angry. They are so upset and low-IQ that they either literally cannot understand certain forms of humor, or they are pretending to be outraged.

Regardless, these people literally became the joke.