Featured / May 16, 2020

Twitter CENSORS Michelle Malkin Clip—About Tech Censorship—After Presidential Retweet

Twitter officially deleted a video where Michelle Malkin denounced tech censorship and leftist control of social media after it was retweeted by President Donald Trump.

Earlier today, Trump stated in a quote-tweet of the video posted by @af_clips that “The radical left is in total command” of popular social media platforms. He alluded that the administration is looking into taking action against the “illegal situation” and thanked Malkin for speaking out.

Here is how the tweet looked before Twitter took action:

Just hours after the President retweeted the video to his 80 million followers, it was no longer available and Twitter has not given a reason why it was deleted. Here is what the Trump tweet looks like now:

The clip was then re-uploaded by America First Clips, an account that frequently posts Twitter and Youtube video’s of America First and Paleoconservative Figures Nick Fuentes, Michelle Malkin, Patrick Buchanan, Paul Gottfried, and others.

Malkin and numerous other America Firster’s are now taking shots at Twitter for censoring the clip and demanding answers.

According to sources close to the White House, the Trump’s Justice department along with State AG’s are likely to sue Google in the coming months for violations of Antitrust law. It would be the first time the administration has taken action against silicon valley and a major step in the crucial fight against censorship.