News / July 9, 2020

James Allsup Has A Down Syndrome Problem

James Allsup is actively doo-doo crapping in his diaper and drooling on his keyboard.

Your knee-jerk response might be: who cares about Allsup anymore? Why is he still relevant?

In early 2019, you’d be right – by that point everyone had assumed he had choked to death on a chicken tendie. Sadly, this was not the case.

As it turns out, he insists on being a rather dull thorn in the side of the America First movement. We at the Daily Groyper applaud his attempt to influence the political sphere. People with Down Syndrome should be encouraged to pursue their interests.

All the signs are there.

Allsup has tried his best to be a functioning member of society. He once attempted to run an America First merch store, although the mugs he sent to Nick Fuentes were packed poorly and as a result broken upon arrival. That’s ok James, you did the best you could!

My only worry is that he may be falling in with the wrong crowd. As people with Down Syndrome can be easily influenced, I’m concerned that the people at TRS have manipulated this sweet boy into following a dark path. He was recently coerced into teaming with fellow retard Erik Striker and debating two other retards, Vaush and Destiny.

Whoever put this show together should be ashamed of themselves! How dare you exploit the mentally handicapped for your own benefit? Tsk tsk.

This kind of spectacle is just cruel. For shame!

I want to encourage James to do what makes him happy, but I worry about him. Perhaps he should pursue his other interests, like playing with blocks or staring at the sun? Just a suggestion. I only want what’s best for you, James.