Culture / September 13, 2020


But if anyone causes one of these little ones who believe in Me to sin, it would be better for him to have a large millstone hung around his neck and to be thrown into the sea.

-Mark 9:42

A few days ago, Netflix released a trailer for a movie called Cuties. It shows pre-teen girls twerking, which everyone knows is a dance act that is meant to simulate riding d—. I haven’t seen the movie, but the trailer suggests that sexual liberation is a preferable path for pre-teen girls than being in a religious home, or any other decent household that would forbid that kind of behavior. All the terrible shit that happens with the sexual revolution is viewed as a form of self-liberation or freedom, and this trailer seems to me to be like a “trial balloon” that is meant to gauge whether or not the public is ready to accept the application of our sexual standards to children.

The outlash against this movie is justified, albeit predictable. It reminds me of the “Dear White People” trailer that came out; everyone lashed out at it for a week or so and then lost interest, nobody bothering to follow up with the show itself.

These kinds of scandals are pretty tedious, since almost nobody is bothering to tie it in to the larger trends these things embody. They’ll get angry at a show that demonizes whites rather than the anti-white status quo itself. And with Cuties, they’ll get more angry at a movie that promotes pedophilia than with all the overwhelming evidence suggesting that it is an incoming trend.

These kinds of movies are helpful to our elite since it takes attention away from society’s incoming acceptance of pedophilia and sexualized kids, and instead gives it to a movie that does that. They’re very good at misdirection.

I don’t want to make that mistake here, so I wrote down some reasons why pedophilia is going to become widely accepted, and why the big picture is so troubling.

1.) The first is that the elites of the West are known to engage in Satanic ritual abuse, part of which involves raping children. Ronald Bernard, a banking insider, testified in an interview that this was routine initiation for Dutch secret societies. The McMartin Preschool scandal showed a lot of evidence that kids were abused in more Satanic rituals, and the perpetrators received help from wealthy and powerful people. The Dutroux Affair was a famous Belgian series of scandals that implicated the entire nation’s elite in a pedophile trafficking ring. While Epstein certainly had drip, he also trafficked pre-teen girls to his rape island attended by America’s elite. There are so many cases that it’s hard to keep track.

It’s generally not a good sign when a civilization’s elite are routine kiddie-diddlers.

2.) The second reason is that leftists have incentive to extend political rights to children. The rights leftists most care about are sexual in nature, and so there’s reason to believe that they’ll extend explicit sexual rights to children and pedophiles.

To understand this better, look into a theory called “Bio-Leninism”. This theory essentially means you recruit people who are genetically predisposed towards being losers and incompetents (trannies, dykes, faggots, jigaboos, criminals, illegal aliens, women) and so on and try to recruit them into your liberal framework. You give them all sorts of goodies and social status they don’t deserve (and could not attain on their own), and so they become extremely loyal to your liberal party. You hold back the qualified people since they don’t need your liberal platform to be successful or socially cool, and thus they don’t have any reason to be loyal to you.

That’s the short way of explaining it. Obviously children are some ideal recruits for the progressive coalition, since they are dumber, weaker, emotionally immature, highly impressionable, and often rebellious. A society run by them would quickly fall to shambles, so giving them power would cinch their loyalty to a liberal party or frame of thought. What would that look like if they tried it now? Probably giving them voting rights, saying they’re less qualified because they’re treated poorly by strict adults, saying they have the right to get high and make their own decisions.

You can see this sort of coming to pass with the left’s push to expose them to trannies, and to force parents to respect their children’s “gender identity” (like in Canada where you can lose custody if your faggot son says you don’t think he’s a girl).

In the leftist’s mind, he thinks that kids are just as qualified to make their own life decisions as any adult, and since being a degenerate isn’t morally wrong, so there is no reason to prevent your kids from expressing themselves sexually, including with adults.

It is typically said that “kids can’t consent”, but that’ll go out the window since there’s no explanation for that maxim without “taking away their agency” (leftists hate doing that!) or by being prejudiced.

3.) The third reason is that faggots are pretty open about wanting to let children get raped. Derek Jensen made a video going through each of these foundational faggot philosophers and exposing them as endorsing pedophilia at some point in their retarded books.

The Gay Rights Platform of 1972 called for – among other things that just so happened to come true – the abolishment of “all laws governing the age of consent”. Many more examples abound of this kind of shit, too many to name here.

“Isn’t this stuff all in the past, what’s it got to do with anything today?” You might ask, if you were a retard or a queer. It’s pretty obvious the influence of the pedophiles who helmed the sexual revolution trickled down to the masses and many academics today. Their influence has shaped the way the West views sex, and they just so happen to be amenable to pedophilia.

I find it to be an adequate explanation as to why Vaush “can’t logically condemn” child porn, or why Milo passionately defends getting raped as a kid, or why George Michael made a song about having sex with a young boy. Famous faggots in pretty high positions of power get outed as pederasts all the time, such as Kevin Spacey (creepy actor), Terry Bean (Obama Fundraiser), Larry Brinkin (Famous homo fundraiser and “human rights activist”), Bryan Singer (Hollywood director accused of raping boys), and Roy Cohen (precursor to Epstein who died of AIDS). I acknowledge some of these accusations might be “MeToo” hysteria, but generally where there’s smoke there’s fire. Famous faggots getting caught for raping boys is unsurprisingly common.

Have you ever wondered why rump-rangers have such immense political power? It’s because their lives are so pathetic that they think the state permitting it will cure their feelings of self-hatred.

Sexual liberation isn’t an ideology: ideology is meant to serve society; loose sexual norms always destroy society. Sexual liberation is an ideology in the same way that being schizophrenic or a drug addict is an ideology. Freewheeling sex has undone all the foundations of society, like marriage and gender norms. Is it really going to stop at children? Is there any real reason they would be spared?

4.) The sexual revolution has already reached the kids, and is only seen as something evil when adults partake with them.

Do you deny this? How early are kids being exposed to Brave New World type “sex education”? How early are they exposed to porn? How early do they engage in sex with each other? How many of them are getting sodomized in homes with “two daddies”? How high are the molestation rates in general? How sexual and bizarre are their children’s shows getting?

Kids today are losing their virginities at an unusually early age. Kids today are getting molested by faggots at all-time highs, and this will increase as more homos get their hands on adopting children. The media for children is increasingly sexual, and all sorts of perverted kids toys are coming out that are inherently sexual and bizarre.

The drag kids and the trans kids are already some of the largest warning signs. Kids are allowed to be trans, which is an inherently perverted identity since it can only be expressed sexually.

All that needs to be done is to let some children express sexuality with adults and get the culture to accept it, then our children will be more damaged and traumatized than they are now.

But it’s not going to stop here. Is there any type of sexuality that’s morally wrong when done by “consenting adults”? The answer is no, since nobody objects to schizophrenic sexual behaviors, like BDSM, beastiality, scat, puppy play “polyamory” (i.e. fetishized betrayal and humiliation), even necrophilia. The average Joe maintains that such acts should be done “in the privacy of their own homes” because he is, at his core, indifferent to the degradation of the nation around him, and does not want to be confronted with his own apathy.

So if no type of sexuality is viewed as morally wrong when adults do it, then these same rules will apply to children when they are brought into the sexual liberation fold.

And the consequences will be even more destructive since children are incapable of handling the immense psychological damages of promiscuous sex. Promiscuous sex is damaging because sex is a pair-bonding activity (as evidenced by chemicals released and so on); by constantly switching partners they are ruining their ability to connect with another human. This results in extreme damages because they grow to depend on you and then you cut them off. Imagine the damage these insane lifestyles will do to the children.

To stop children from being enslaved to sin like many adults are, we have to undo the sexual revolution completely.

The only way to stop this is to put everyone on the most direct path to Christ. A good place to start would be His suggestion with the millstones.