Culture / September 25, 2020

Baked Alaska Saves Schizophrenic Trailer Park Trash Human Trafficking Victim From Pink Eye

We started watching the Baked Alaska Trailer Park Sammy stream quite late last night, but from what we saw, it would appear that he saved a poor woman from losing her eye to an infectious disease, and for that we do commend him.

The quick rundown is Baked Alaska picked up a piece of trailer park trash from a bar, she was recently physically abused by her boyfriend, she developed an eye infection, and Baked Alaska wanted to give her $1000

The woman is clearly schizophrenic. She has a difficult time dealing with the super chats. They seem to really be messing with her head.

This is the content you didn’t know you needed.

The super chatters continued to convince Sammy that she might lose her eye if she did not seek medical attention.

It seem the entire internet tuned in to the stream. At one point, the two really seemed to be into each-other.

This was one of the more wholesome moments of the night.

At one point of the stream, Baked Alaska filled up a shopping cart full of supplies for Sammy, and as the manager began to check them out, TTS began screaming the N word.

After they got their groceries, they took them home to the trailer park together.

You can watch the full stream in it’s entirety here: