Culture / October 11, 2020

Rest In Peace Shalit

We regret to inform you all, our dear friend Shalit has unexpectedly passed away. I am sure this is as hard to hear, as it is for us to write, but we intend on memorializing him, here at The Daily Groyper, in a way we all know would have him peeing from laughter, before his nub leg slips and he busts his ass on the bathroom floor in heaven.

Firstly, Shalit was apparently gay he said so himself here:

jk Shalit wasn’t gay he didn’t really care for gay people lmao except for his pal Beardson, whom he loved dearly.

Shalit was one of the boys. A real rough rider, a fucking champion.

Shalit wasn’t only a great friend, or great shit-poster, Shalit was one of the greatest friends and shit-posters of our time.

The man loved feet!

He was the best of us, and for that we will always remember him fondly, even though he owed us money.

One of the best moments of the Shalit saga was his #PayPig streams. For those of you who might be unfamiliar, Shalit would entice whores on Twitter with hashtags like #PayPig, #FeetPics and #Nudes, and absolutely destroy them when they showed up in his DMs.

We highly recommend watching his PayPig streams, and posting them whenever you want. The genius of this troll was both unique, and relevant, and brutally hilarious.

Shalit, due to being a crippled faggot, was forced to become a streamer. Fortunately for us, he was a good streamer, and gave us some of the best riot coverage from the whole George Floyd dead shit.

The dude was a total madman. He was both brilliant and a retard at the same exact time, like Kanye West.

The dude just went for it and made it happen no matter how bad of an idea it might have been.

Shalit’s family must be going through a whole lot right now, if you would like to support them in this time, you can buy a Shalit shirt. All of the proceeds will be sent to the family.

All joking aside, we at The Daily Groyper send or prayers to Shalit’s family and friends during this difficult time. This isn’t easy for anyone who knew him, well maybe anyone other than the whores he harassed on twitter. We will always remember you Shalit, and we will keep you with us.

The internet is real. These friendships we forge online are some of the realest, and we know this because the pain of losing you is real. Some of us knew you growing up, some of us had met you IRL, and others only knew you from behind a screen, but all of us were your friends nonetheless.

Goodbye, for now.