Featured / October 15, 2020

Failed Comedian Tim Heidecker DESTROYED by Nick Fuentes & Friends

Tim Heidecker and his gaggle of feminized friendos owned themselves yet again in humiliating fashion when the actually funny Nicholas Fuentes joined their failing Youtube live-stream Thursday afternoon.

The visibly uncomfortable Tim Heidecker could be seen shouting in anger after his feelings got hurt by jokester Fuentes.

The confrontation began after Tim Heidecker took to Twitter to censor funnier comedians.

the blowback he received from the disgusting display of censorship prompted him to go live, in an attempt to moralize silencing his competition.

Tim began to sweat profusely after realizing he had been owned epic style.

The comedian Tim Heidecker made an attempt at being funny that fell flat on the audience. Nick asked “aren’t you a comedian?” to the unfunny comedian.

Tim Heidecker then picked his nose in front of 2,000 of Nick Fuentes’ fans.

Absolutely disgusting…

This is the face of a comedians comfort being ripped away as the realization of unfunny failure slowly begins to set in.

Notice the disgusting pool of sweat under his fatty under arms.

Tim Heidecker is one of the biggest losers on the internet. Not only is he a fat, disgusting bumbling idiot, but he’s a jealousy ridden, pride filled grownup who’s internalized failures manifest themselves in the form of censoring those that are younger, better looking and much funnier than he is.

It is sad to see grown men succumb to such emotionally fueled childish outbursts.