Featured / October 29, 2020

What if AOC Was White?

If AOC had long blond hair, light blue eyes and a nice northern European skin tone, that would be nice.

I like to think of AOC as an Aryan goddess, walking through a wheat field, gently skimming the rows with her finger tips as the golden sunset shimmers off of her fair skin.

If AOC were a white woman, she may have never entered politics to begin with. She most likely would have been discovered by an Eastern European model scout, and put on the cover of some NY magazine. I would have read that.

She really does exude a humbled, calming tone with her blonde hair. Someone who would glance at you from the side of the red-brick as she rushes into the Brooklyn coffee shop on a brisk Autumn morning.

I wish AOC was a white woman. Maybe she could have red hair, i would like that.