Featured / November 5, 2020

Trump to be Sent to Prison if he Loses 2020 Election

Donald Trump, his entire family, and the vast majority of his most vocal supporters will be arrested, sent to court, and in some cases, murdered, if he is to concede the election.

I am sure many of you are fully aware, of what a Trump loss means for the united States of America, but if any of you needed a reminder, here it is:

Donald Trump will eventually be sent to prison, after a long, public trial for countless “violations” of whatever the fuck they come up with…

The President’s most ardent supporters will slowly, and methodically, be rounded up on separate charges, and similarly, be subjected to televised spectacle court proceedings, before their eventual imprisonment.

President Trump’s family will also be subjected to these kangaroo courts, leading to their eventual imprisonment.

This isn’t hyperbole, this is literally what left wingers have been calling for for years now.

Luckily, Donald Trump is fully aware of this, and he will act accordingly, so as to save his own ass, which in return, will buy some of us some time as well.

God Speed.