News / December 26, 2020

Mike Cernovich’s Christmas Message: Do Ayahuasca

For over 2 billion human beings on planet earth, Christmas time means celebrating the birth of our lord and savior, Jesus Christ, and cherishing the most precious gift God has ever granted us. But, for Mike Cernovich, Christmas time means one thing, and that is doing ayahuasca.

Mike starts the thread by illustrating how a typical ayahuasca journey might begin, and from reading just a handful of lines, you quickly realize this dude is a complete psychopath.

Before we go any further, just take a look at these headlines.

The dude is basically attempting to make this psychedelic drug appear like a cool thing to do and that if you do do it that somehow you are a tough guy for going through with it.

Mike is saying that you are going to either puke, or shit, or both and that you will be in pain. He then explains how you will lose your ability to tell time, and that you lose your will power, or something.

After quite a few more tweets, we get to the end of the thread.

“Ego cannot accept losing control”

Mike has done multiple podcasts on Ayahuasca. He talks all about it at length, and none of it makes any sense.

Bro this shit is fucking retarded lmfao

Mike, if you are reading this… Accept Jesus into your heart, and turn away from drugs. We are entering a dark time, and the last thing anyone with an ounce of influence should be doing is pushing drugs as an answer to the dark times on the horizon.

Does this look like someone you should be taking any sort of life advice from? This guy has a child to take care of. Just watch about 2 minutes of this.

At about the 9:40 mark, Mike claims he was shown that a pandemic was coming after having taken the drug.

Mike Cernovich obviously loves the stuff… Just look at this thread below to get an idea of what kind of dude you are dealing with.

Dear Mike. People are looking for leaders right now, and although anyone with an IQ above room temp can see that you are no such thing, you should at the very least make some kind of attempt to act like one, and by that we mean you should probably stop telling people to do drugs.