News / December 30, 2020

Joe Biden to “Challenge” Americans to Wear a Mask for 100 Days

Look at this old retard. Joe Biden thinks that if he “challenges” us to wear a mask for 100 days, that somehow, out of some kind of childish desire to prove that we can “do it”, we will be tricked into complying with a 100 day mask mandate.

What’s next, the Joe Biden “close down your business, stop looking into voter fraud and start learning Mandarin” challenge?

Joe Biden had a conversation with his gay transition team where one of the tranny interns said: “Hey, Joe, Americans aren’t wearing masks… So, what if, we CHALLENGED them to wear masks!?”

Hey, America, i bet you won’t give up your guns! Haha i bet you won’t! lol

Hey, Joe, i challenge you to not succumb to old age within the first 100 days of your hypothetical presidency.